Vanessa Grimaldi: Nick Viall & I Make the CUTEST Couple!!

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Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall. Are they meant to be?

The Bachelor contestant, one of this season's final four, posted a pair of photos after Monday's episode that certainly make us believers.

Regardless of whether you believe The Bachelor spoilers or not, how can you not think they're a perfect pair when she shares this?!

Nick Viall with Vanessa Grimaldi

If you watch The Bachelor online, you know how the hometown dates go. All are awkward at times, and emotional, and one girl is cut.

Except this year had a very different feel to it overall.

Not only do we know that The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay will be eliminated at some point, no one was actually cut on this installment.

Instead ... Andi Dorfman returned at the very end.

While it remains to be seen whether Vanessa, Rachel, Corinne Olympios or Raven Gates will go on overnight dates, this much is clear:

Grimaldi is quickly becoming a dark horse favorite.

That may come as a surprise after Vanessa's hometown date ended in tears as her dad dropped a bombshell on the 29-year-old Canadian.

Nick Viall Final Four Women

Before Vanessa’s father gave his blessing, he asked Nick if he asked the same thing of other fathers, and he confessed that he had.

Totally par for The Bachelor course? Honest of Nick? 

Yes and yes, but that doesn't mean it's easy to hear.

Mr. Grimaldi didn't take it well, and Vanessa, who apparently hadn’t considered the fact that other women are in the running, didn't either.

When your dad tells you that Nick “likes other people,” as we said, no one's going to be happy about that, regardless of how they met.

Vanessa was clearly heartbroken and decided she needed to talk to Nick ... before the episode-ending cliffhanger involving his ex Andi.

Vanessa, Nick on The Bachelor

Will Grimaldi take herself out of the running?

Doubtful. With her emotional post on Instagram, Vanessa reminds us that she's still all in, for Nick's heart and for the final rose of 2017.

Having seen how close she is with her family, it's even more obvious why she's a favorite - a sentiment she expressed about him as well.

It was Nick’s hometown date on Andi’s season, ironically, that sold her on the Wisconsin native (who has 10 siblings), she said recently.

Vanessa previously confessed to Glamour:

“I saw him on Andi’s season when they went to his family’s house for the hometown date, and I just fell in love with how close he is to his family.”  

“I come from a very traditional Italian family."

Vanessa on The Bachelor Premiere

"I’m very close to mine. He seems real. It was so tempting to research and find out stuff about him before the show," Vanessa added.

But, she said, she wanted to have an open mind: "I told myself, ‘I’m coming in on a clean slate, so it’s only fair that I do the same for him.’” 

Gotta hand it to her for staying true to her word.

After all, she apparently neglected to brush up on the show to the point where the idea of Nick falling for other people was lost on her!

As far as whether she'll be The Bachelor winner, we'll have to stay tuned, but we wouldn't bet against her if forced to pick a favorite.

The hard part, whomever he picks, may come later, as the season continues to play out and real life hits them like a ton of bricks after.

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