Steve Harvey Responds to Best Picture Flub: I've Been There, Folks!

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Steve Harvey suddenly has something significant in common with Warren Beatty.

But it has nothing to do with the massive number of women with whom Beatty has had sex.

Instead, it's the embarrassment of making an epically famous mistake on a national awards show stage.

Steve Harvey Waves

In December of 2015, Harvey concluded the Miss Universe Pageant by announcing Miss Colombia as the winner.

The only problem at the time? Miss Colombia was not actually the winner.

That honor actually belonged to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philippines, a gross error that Harvey was forced to come out and admit minutes after misinforming the audience initially.

It was quite the snafu, although it didn't do much harm to Harvey's career.

Considering he was invited back to host the same beauty pageant a year later.

On Sunday night, meanwhile, Warren Beatty was at the center of the greatest gaffe in Academy Awards history.

Due to an envelope mix-up that really was not his fault, the legendary actor helped tell the world that La La Land had won Best Picture for 2017.

Except it hadn't.

Moonlight had won Best Picture for 2017.

Watch this VERY awkward snafu take place in the following video:

Soon after the proper victor was crowned, host Jimmy Kimmel tried to lighten the tense mood, quipping on stage:

“Guys, this is very unfortunate what happened. Personally, I blame Steve Harvey for this."

It was a pretty good line, but it also gave Harvey a chance to milk the situation for as much attention as he possibly could.

“Good morning everybody! Went to sleep early last night. So…what I miss? #Oscars," the comedian Tweeted this morning, prior to using the mistake as a PR opportunity.

"Tune in to @SteveHarveyFM at 8 AM ET today for my response to last night's #Oscars . YOU KNOW I have something to say," he added.

Steve Harvey twitter

On his radio show, Harvey proceeded to wax at length about the Oscars flub.

"I know all about this. I know more than anyone else in the world about this," said the 60-year-old. "I am the creator of these moments. The epicurean of this."

Harvey went on reference a number reactions made on social media to the televised mistake.

"Because Warren made a mistake, does he have to die?" Harvey joked. "Should he lose his life? Y'all wanna kill him? Well he needs security because of this."

Prior to the cast and crew from Moonlight accepting the Best Picture prize, Beatty jumped back on the microphone and explained what happened, saying he was confused the second he opened the envelope because it read "Emma Stone, La La Land."

Since this snafu took place, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the auditing firm that tallies the Oscars votes, issued an apology and took responsibility.

"Me and Warren handled it great. It's me and Warren's thing," added Harvey.

"We handled it great. At least the producers of the Oscars walked out with him... and they corrected the mistake on the night."

Concluded Harvey on his show:

"Warren I know your pain!"

"I can help Warren get through this. I'm [going to] show him how to handle it with dignity and grace. Thank God for producers who stand with their talent. Unlike waiting the next day to handle it with the press, as it was suggested in my ear...

"I can help Warren get through this. Call me Warren, baby."

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