Scott Disick Spotted with ANOTHER Woman in Miami; Future with Kourtney in Serious Doubt

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Mercurial reality star Lord Scott Disick is doing everything he can this week to put the penis in the peninsula of Florida.

By which we mean the following, of course:

Scott Disick Flies

Disick is getting busy with so many women there!

His Lordship went from one tropical location to another over the weekend, spending time with his occasional girlfriend and his three kids in Costa Rica for a few days...

... prior to ditching Kourtney Kardashian and company for the warmth of Miami, where he was looking every bit single and ready to mingle.

Despite incessant rumors over the past couple months that Disick and Kardashian are back together, the irritating Lord was spotted on Monday.

Basking in the South Florida sun, and possibly an alcoholic haze, he was getting very close and comfortable with a model named J. Lynne.

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick Picture

According to TMZ, this is a very dumb name.

No, wait, that's not it:

According to TMZ, Disick and Lynne became fast friends while in The Sunshine State and "hung out" all day by the pool.

This sort of thing is par for Disick's womanizing course, except that the latest photo on his Instagram page features Kourtney hanging out on a helicopter with daughter Penelope.

Scott captioned the picture "Mom."

Seemingly pretty sweet, right?

Kourtney in a Helicopter

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Disick was spotted with yet ANOTHER woman who is not his multiple-time baby mama.

She was blonde and wearing a bikini and Disick was photographed with his arm around her at the Setai Hotel.

That happens to be the same exact place where he was seen not even 24 hours earlier with J. Lynne.

It's been impossible of late to keep track of Scott and Kourtney's romantic status, but we sincerely hope the two are not actually back together.

Not when Disick is so ... Disick.

Casually and so publicly getting all up in the busty business of different women everyday, he does not seem like he's up to the domestic task.

Kourtney and Scotty

These actions also likely mean one of three things:

1. Kardashian is not pregnant with the ex-couple's fourth child.

2. Kourtney is pregnant with her fourth child, but the father is not Disick.

3. Scott really is a major A-Hole.

Insiders tell E! News and Entertainment Tonight that folks should not be fooled by photos of the pair on family vacations.

Not the ones that recently surfaced of them in Costa Rica, or ones from earlier this winter, such as the image above.

They may be legitimately committed to civil co-parenting, but the reconciliation chatter has simply been untrue, one source says.

Kourtney & Scott Image

"They were never 'back on,'" an anonymous friend tells E! News.

"They don't even live together."

Kardashian certainly doesn't seem bothered by Disick's flirting and presumed banging of other women.

She spent most of her time in Costa Rica rocking a two-piece and sharing many sexy photos.

Adds a separate source to Entertainment Tonight:

"Kourtney could not care less that Scott hooks up with other girls. They are broken up. There has been no chance of reconciliation for quite some time now.”

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on Halloween

But... supermarket tabloids have been telling us the opposite.

Were they just lying this whole time?!?

This second mole confirms that Kourtney and Scott broke up in July of 2015 and haven't come close to being a couple again since.

"Kourtney and Scott do an incredible job of co-parenting and truly are unmatched when it comes to putting on a strong front with the kids," the source explains.

"They never discuss any of their issues in front of the kids."

In conclusion:

"Kourtney is happy being single, and Scott still hopes he has a chance to get her back one day -- but the chances of that happening are pretty slim."

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