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As proven by Barack Obama, America was ready for a black President of the United States in 2008.

However, according to one prominent former ABC reality star, citizens of this country have not yet reached a place where they will accept a black Bachelorette.

Rachel (The Bachelor)
Photo via ABC

You’ll have to read The Bachelor spoilers to learn how this season play out, but it’s no secret that it’s more diverse than most years.

This topic was broached yesterday because Chase McNary and Wells Adams – cast members on The Bachelorette last season – were guests on Vinny Ventiera’s Wrong Reasons podcast.

When the subject turned to Rachel Lindsay (pictured above), who has grown into a fan favorite on Season 21 of The Bachelor, Adams said he simply couldn’t imagine her being named the next Bachelorette.

Not because he’d have a problem with it, Wells was quick to point out.

Simply because he doesn’t believe producers are willing to go there.

Rachel Lindsay Pic
Photo via Twitter

The mere talk of Lindsay as The Bachelorette is nothing but a tease, Adams says.

"[Producers] want everyone to think, Oh, this black girl is finishing pretty late on’ and they’ve never had a black Bachelorette," he said on air.

Adams acknowledges that the show "might" go in the direction of its first African-American leading lady in a few months, but he worries that producers might select Corinne Olympios instead.

And this simply cannot come to pass.

"It’s the direction they have to go," Adams says of selecting Lindsay, because otherwise people will think the following:

"’Holy s‑‑t, Donald Trump’s the president, and Corinne’s the Bachelorette? What’s the world going to do?’"

Wells Adams
Photo via Instagram

Adams (pictured above) makes a good point.

It’s hard to even known which is scarier: Trump as President or Corinne as The Bachelorette? Let’s hope we never need to choose.

(Then again, come on. We all know President Bannon is really calling the shots … but that’s a separate blog post.)

McNary mentioned on the podcast how the show’s producers had chosen Caila Quinn as the season 12 Bachelorette … prior to switching to JoJo Fletcher at the last minute.

He said he could see something similar happening this season.

He’s afraid executives are simply afraid to just go ahead and make the right, diverse decision.

Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall
Photo via Instagram

"Remember, we all thought it was Caila, and that was exactly what they were trying to do – that was diversity being the forefront," Adams agreed, expounding:

"And then they kind of took stock of how America felt about it, they kind of leaked that information, and they realized America wasn’t super-pumped about that choice.

"Regardless of the diversity issue, it might’ve just been they didn’t really love her personality or persona. But when they found out it was JoJo, people were very excited about that."

Of course, Corinne may actually win The Bachelor this season.

Those trying to avoid spoilers are unaware of the eventual Bachelor winner is here in 2017 … and we won’t ruin it for you here.

Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelor
Photo via ABC

It would certainly help Lindsay’s cause, though, if Corinne was off the table as an option because she was engaged to Nick Viall.

ABC president Channing Dungey told members of the press at an event in August that her goal is for the Bachelor franchise to start choosing more diverse leads.

"I would very much like to see some changes there," she said at the time.

But that’s just talk.

We’re all sitting here, awaiting some actual action.

Would you care if The Bachelor chose an African-American as its anchor? Would you somehow not tune in if so?