Paris Jackson: ENGAGED to Michael Snoddy?!

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It's only been four months since we first learned that Paris Jackson is dating Michael Snoddy, and despite significant (and thoroughly understandable) opposition from her family, it seems the young couple is still moving very fast.

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In fact, according to Radar Online, Paris recently told her family that she plans to marry Snoddy in the very near future.

“Paris told Katherine and Joe that she is going to get engaged to Michael and that she cannot wait to marry him,” says source.

One insider believes that Paris and Michael are already engaged, and Paris was just testing the waters before breaking the news to Katherine.

The couple reportedly met at an AA meeting back in April.

The Jacksons are not fans of Paris' new man, and not only because of Snoddy's use of racial slurs on social media.

“The Jacksons are skeptical of Michael," the source claims. “They think that he was the influence that caused her to get all those tattoos!"

In addition to the ink, Paris' grandparents reportedly believe that Snoddy has convinced Paris to give up on her show-business dreams:

"The family really had high hopes for Paris and thought that she was going to be the next prodigy,” says the insider.

Paris Jackson With Michael Snoddy

“But they think now she's just focused on Michael."

“They kind of feel like her chances to be a huge star on camera are now ruined and it is all his fault!”

Uh ... she's Michael Jackson's only daughter.

We're pretty sure that if she ever decides she wants to give it a go as a singer or an actress, she'll have no trouble finding an agent.

Just a hunch, ya know?

In the meantime, we say give these two lovebirds a chance!

Sure, Snoddy seems like a douche (His name's "Snoddy," for Pete's sake.), but Paris' struggles with depression have been well pulblicized and she's actually seemed happy in recent months.

Besides, if she got married ridiculously young, it still wouldn't crack the top 1,000 of weird things people in this family have done.

Then again, Paris does have a history of getting super into relationships then sinking getting profoundly summed when they don't work out.

Remember Chester Castellaw?

Paris Jackson, Chester Castellaw Image

Yeah, we're guessing she barely does either, but at one point, they were rumored to be engaged.

After it ended, Paris' family reportedly encouraged her to check back into rehab.

So best of luck, Paris.

Just remember that sometimes things don't work out for a reason.

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