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Last week, we reported that Paris Jackson is dating Michael Snoddy, a 26-year-old drummer with a somewhat sketchy past.

Paris Jackson With Michael Snoddy

From the start, there were rumors that Paris’ family disapproved of Michael due to racist sentiments he’s expressed on social media and in other, more permanent ways.

(Snoddy has a large Confederate flag tattoo on his arm.)

Now, Radar Online has unearthed some of Snoddy’s more offensive tweets, and it looks as though Paris’ family may have reason to be concerned.

As recently as 2011, Snoddy casually and frequently used the N-word and encouraged his followers to "put [their] hoods up," a rallying cry that many are interpreting as a reference to the KKK.

More recently, Snoddy made multiple references to his own recreational drug use, which may also be a cause of concern for Paris’ family, as the 18-year-old recently revealed that she’s struggled with substance abuse issues and regularly attends AA meetings.

Though there’s been some debate about the Jackson kids’ paternity, Paris and her siblings identify as African-American, thus making Snoddy’s past comments all the more troubling.

Sources say Snoddy has argued that he’s obviously not racist, as he’s "dating a black girl."

Hopefully someone has since explained to him that’s not how racism works.