Justin Bieber Returns To Instagram, Internet Rejoices at Shirtless Pics

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Justin Bieber was not lying when he told fans that he would not hesitate to shut down his Instagram account. 

Bieber closed the account down back in August after fans persisted to send hurtful comments to Sofia Richie. Yes, Sofia was just one of the girls Justin dated in 2016.

Justin Biebe in Yellow

As seems to be the norm with Bieber's relationships, they just don't stand the test of time. That's probably down to just how busy the young singing sensation is. 

Thankfully, Justin made his return to Instagram on Friday and threw in some shirtless pictures to make it up to the fans who missed his updates for those months he was MIA. 

Justin Bieber Hits Up Instagram

"SOO MUCH CONTENT," Bieber captioned as he showed off his toned body and many tattoos. 

Does this mean he's about to use his Instagram to start marketing horrible products to people?

Quite possibly. Stars have a knack for that and it's pretty desperate. 

Justin Bieber Returns To Instagram!

However, the shirtless pictures were not his first post back on the social media site.

That honor went to the T-Mobile Super Bowl ad that found the star doing a variety of dances as he urged people to send videos of them dancing. 

"Let me see your #unlimitedmoves," the 22-year-old captioned to his 77 million followers. 

How long will Justin be able to stay on Insta this time?

Will he wind up in another relationship and shut it down?

The comments to Sofia were horrible over the summer. No one wanted to see Bieber happy, so they lashed out. 

Sofia Richie in a Two Piece

Even Selena Gomez joined in the fun and it kicked off another feud between the pair. 

With Justin complaining that people need to leave Sofia alone, Selena seemed to think Justin should not even be drawing attention to all the drama. 

As you probably expected, Justin flipped out and claimed that Selena only used him for fame. 

What do you think about this?

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