Jennifer Aniston is PREGNANT! (According to Kathy Hilton)

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Hollywood is a small place and stars who wouldn't seem to share enough in common to sustain 10 minutes of cocktail party small talk often form close friendships for no other reason than that they're both rich and famous.

Just like in high school, some people are deemed cool enough to move seamlessly between cliques, and it should come as no surprise that Jennifer Aniston is one such social butterfly, beloved by both A-listers and reality stars alike.

Which is why when Paris Hilton's mom says Aniston is pregnant, there might really be something to it.

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Aniston was in attendance at the 2017 Academy Awards on Sunday night, and it seems that while the rest of the country was preoccupied with #Envelopegate and Gary From Chicago, Kathy Hilton was busy spreading rumors about the actress:

“Jennifer Aniston looks so beautiful tonight I am telling you she is having a baby girl. 100/ percent,” Kathy tweeted after the ceremony.

She deleted the tweet less than an hour later, but only after being bombarded by requests to elaborate.

Is it possible that Kathy realized she had shared information that she was supposed to keep to herself?

Jennifer Aniston Loves The Bachelor

Kathy, of course, was not in attendance at the Oscars, but she did snag a coveted invitation to Elton John's after-party.

Is it possible that she and Jen talked pregnancy, and in her excitement, Kathy spilled the tea all over Twitter.

Eh ... probably not.

According to Aniston's publicist Stephen Huvane, Kathy has no information about what's going on in Jen's uterus than anyone else.

“Jennifer is not pregnant nor does she know Kathy Hilton,” Huvane tells Hollywood Life.

The situation begs the question:

Jennifer Aniston on the Red Carpet Photo

What in the actual hell was Kathy Hilton talking about?

For starters, Jen didn't look remotely pregnant on Sunday night.

Not only that, Kathy skipped right over speculation that Jen is pregnant and jumped right to speculating about the non-existent baby's gender.

Look, Kathy, we understand that your family is a bit thirsty these days, but this isn't the way.

Jennifer Aniston is Pretty

The Internet generates approximately 40,000 Jennifer Aniston pregnancy rumors a day on its own.

We don't need you adding fuel to the fire.

If you need attention this badly, we suggest you keep it in-house and start a rumor about Paris.

Your daughter, not the city.

Although come to think of it, Americans are probably equally apathetic about both these days.

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