Jennifer Aniston: Pregnant for 29th Time!

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For someone with no kids, Jennifer Aniston sure does get pregnant a lot.

By which, of course, we mean that Aniston is frequently the subject of a lot of BS pregnancy rumors. Obviously, they're usually disproven when a few months go by and Jen remains bumpless - which is why the cover of the latest issue of In Touch has caught our eye:

Jennifer Aniston: Baby Bump on the Beach?!

Yes, that's Jen on the beach, and she certainly looks like she's sporting a bit more of a belly than usual.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's pregnant.

For all we know, there's a seaside Chipotle just out of frame, and Jen had recently finished devouring an infant-sized burrito.

Look, if that were a random woman that we saw at the beach, we wouldn't look at her and think that she's pregnant.

However, we know that "insanely toned" is Jen's default setting, so she's probably rocking a couple more midsection inches than we're accustomed to.

Then again, Aniston has gained weight for roles in the past.

That could be the case here. Or maybe she's just sporting a temporary food baby.

Or, hell - maybe she just put on a few pounds.

We're not here to judge, just to wildly speculate about whether or not she's carrying Justin Theroux's baby.

Obviously, this isn't the first time that "Aniston baby bump photos" have circulated online, but this is one of the more convincing pics we've seen.

Is this the real deal, or have we been fooled again?

Only time (or, more accurately, People! Ha!) will tell.

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