Jennifer Aniston: No One Allowed To Mention "Baby" In Her Presence!

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Even if you're a celebrity, it's never OK to brazenly ask when a women will start having kids.

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Especially if that woman just got remarried and is 47 years old.

Jennifer Aniston is SUPREMELY over tabloids and fans wondering if she's either pregnant or planning to get pregnant.

The former Friends star has dogged countless rumors over the years that she's expecting, and it may have finally gotten to her.

"She’s not seeing the funny side of all these baby rumors like she used to," a source told OK! Magazine.

"This is the bane of her life and she’s sick to death of people asking, or fishing for info about whether or not she and Justin [Theroux] plan to start a family.”

The rumors started to pick up steam after photos of Aniston in a bikini surfaced.  Some thought her stomach looked a little bloated, so naturally she had to be pregnant.

The source added that Aniston's loved ones “have given up hope she’ll ever be a mom. It’s quite sad really."

It hasn't been an easy few months for Aniston, who lost her mother, Nancy Dow in late May.

In Touch Weekly claims that Aniston's ex-husband, Brad Pitt reached out to her when he heard the news, which angered his wife, Angelina Jolie.

“It was their first moment in months without the kids or staff around,” a source told the tabloid.

“Angie thought a good one-on-one conversation would enable them to finally catch up on their lives.

"Then, Brad casually mentioned that he’d reached out to Jen to send his sympathy after her mom passed away in May. He didn’t think it was a big deal.”

"To Angie, it was akin to Brad dropping a nuclear bomb,” the source added. “She was furious they’d reunited.”

Jolie has a lot of nerve, getting upset with Pitt for being there for Aniston.  If I recall, it was Jolie with whom Pitt cheated on Aniston.

Just sayin.'

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