It Still Works! See This Paraplegic Man and His Girlfriend's AMAZING Pregnancy Reveal!

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Feel like you need a little bit of light in your life?

Like you just need a moment to focus on something happy instead of the nasty, smelly garbage fire that is our world today?

Then look no further than this incredible little pregnancy announcement:

Viral Pregnancy Announcement

That's Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg, a very happy couple -- and they're extra happy now that they're expecting their first child!

The message, that cheeky little "It still works!", came about because Todd was paralyzed from the chest down after a dirt bike accident a few years ago, and they didn't think they'd be able to have children without medical intervention.

"We thought we'd need to look into devices or doctor visits or maybe even IVF," Amanda explained in an interview with People. "We definitely didn't think it would be able to happen naturally!"

She continued the explanation with "It's totally different for anyone with a spinal cord injury. Todd does not feel it when stuff is going on, but is occasionally able to reach climax."

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg

These two crazy kids met in 2015 when Todd visited a paralysis center in California. Amanda worked there as a recovery specialist, and for her, it was love at first sight.

"I was first drawn to Todd's good looks!" she recalled. "I thought he was a total babe."

"I'm also drawn to his sense of humor, and ability to put on a happy face despite the struggles and huge life-changing event he has endured."

Amazing, right? But Amanda isn't done with her sweet words yet, not by a long shot.

Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg Pic

"I think that loving someone in Todd's situation takes a bit more patience and a servant heart," she said, but if you truly love someone it won't be any different than if he were up and walking."

"Of course, it's tough on me sometimes, not being able to stand up and get a hug from the person I love most, or to be able to walk around in public holding hands or go running on the beach together."

"But honestly, the love that Todd and I have for each other is something I wouldn't trade for the world."

She explained that Todd is "in physical and mental pain every single day" because of his paralysis, and that sometimes it bothers him that she's able to do things around the house more easily than he can.

But, she says, "Love is sacrifice and selflessness, and I'm thankful Todd has shown me that."

And just when you think this story couldn't get any more adorable, Amanda revealed that Todd proposed to her during their pregnancy announcement photo shoot.

And on Valentine's Day, they discovered that they're having a little boy.

Gender Reveal

Best wishes to this precious couple!

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