Britney Spears to Katy Perry: Suck on This Bible Verse!

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Britney Spears has fired back at Katy Perry once again.

At least we'd like to think that's the case.

On Sunday night, on the red carpet prior to the Grammy Awards, Perry made multiple references to Britney's 2007 nervous breakdown, which included the time Spears shaved her own head.

Britney Spears in Malibu

When asked by Ryan Seacrest why she took a musical hiatus in 2016, Perry replied:

“It’s called taking care of your mental health... I haven’t shaved my head yet."

She made a similar comment in an interview with CBS, saying of her new platinum blonde hair color:

"It’s like the last color in the spectrum that I can do. I’ve done all of them and the only thing left to do is shave my head, which I’m really saving for a public breakdown."

Weird and random, right?

Perry and Spears collaborated on a song back in 2013 and have always been cordial with each other.

Check out the clip below of Perry throwing a bit of shade in Britney's direction and you'll understand why fans were angry at Katy:

Britney appeared to shrug off the comment on Instagram, however.

She did not join the #KatyPerryIsOverParty that started trending on Twitter, choosing instead to take the high, bikini-clad road.

Sharing the following photo of herself soaking of a lot of sun while on vacation in Malibu, Spears wrote as a caption:

"Chasing the dream."

Was this a way of proving to Perry that she didn't care one bit about her diss? Or was Britney not even aware that Katy said anything about her?

Britney Spears Rocks Bikini

We can't say for certain, of course, but Britney did go ahead and add a new Instagram entry on Tuesday.

The 35-year old uploaded a photo of hands held in the shape of a heart in front a gorgeous sunset, accompanied by the following bible verse:

“Her mouth speaks from that which fills her heart. Luke 6:45."

This time, it seems pretty hard to believe that Spears isn't making a direct reference to Perry, right?

Aside from Spears mentioning a female, her mouth and how it speaks, keep this in mind: Perry's parents are preachers.

The artist is not very close to either her mom or dad, with the latter actually asking folks to pray for his daughter back in July.

"I want you to pray for my daughter," Keith Perry several months ago. "Don't judge her, pray for her."

We're confident in saying that's exactly what Britney is doing here.

heart hands

And we're not alone in that assessment.

“@britneyspears holy queen of bible verses. yassss. Smite her!” one fan wrote in response to the Luke 6:45 quote, while another added:

“katy perry won't be needing to shave her head now 'cause Britney just snatched every single follicle."

Perry, of course, has famously feuded with Taylor Swift for many years, although most people are on Team Katy when it comes to this rivalry.

But further investigation in this case reveals that Perry has referenced Britney's head-shaving numerous times over the years.

"My first record didn’t take off until I was 23, so I was perhaps in a different headspace to someone who became successful at a younger age," she said in a 2010 radio interview, adding back then:

"If you’re starting at 14 or 15 your maturity hasn’t fully evolved. I’m not going to say I won’t mess up, because someday I might want to shave my head. But not today because I’ll get sunburn! I’m lucky because I have a great support system."

Perry also cited Britney's head-shaving incident in a 2015 cover story interview with Elle magazine... and again on Twitter in February 2015.


We think an apology is in order from Perry. Do you agree?

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