Britney Spears Responds to Katy Perry Diss, Doesn't Seem Too Concerned

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On the red carpet of the 2017 Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Katy Perry threw some shade at Britney Spears.

And Britney has now responded by lounging around in some sun.

Prior to the ceremony in Los Angeles, Perry was asked by Ryan Seacrest about her hiatus from music, seeing as she only released one song in 2016 and that was in honor of the Summer Olympics.

“It’s called taking care of your mental health,” Perry replied, adding: “I haven’t shaved my head yet.”

Britney Spears at a Party

This was an obvious reference to Britney and the time in 2007 when, as the culmination of an ongoing mental breakdown, the singer smashed a car with an umbrella after shaving her own head.

Did Perry mean any harm by the quip? Probably not.

She was probably just trying to be funny. She likely didn't give the line much thought. It just popped into her brain.

But social media took notice and slammed Perry hard for dragging up Britney's unfortunate past, especially in light of how far she has come in the decade since.

Take a look here at what Perry said and the way in which she said it:

Perry - who actually wrote Britney's’ 2013 single “Passenger” for the artist's eighth studio album - later made the same comment during a live red carpet interview with CBS.

"It’s like the last color in the spectrum that I can do," she said to CBS. "I’ve done all of them and the only thing left to do is shave my head, which I’m really saving for a public breakdown."

In reply, the Britney Army to create the hashtag #KatyPerryIsOverParty, which quickly trended on Twitter.

But while her fans may have been peeved over Perry's lame joke, Britney herself didn't seem too bothered by what was said.

On Monday morning, Britney shared the following photo online.

"Chasing the Dream," she captioned this long-range snapshot, which features Spears lying on her back and enjoying a few rays.

Britney Spears Rocks Bikini

There's no better revenge than simply proving you are unaffected by someone's comments.

Spears and Perry have never been especially close, but, as mentioned above, they have worked together in the past.

Around the same time as when Perry penned that single for Britney, Spears said of her fellow singer:

“I’m a huge fan of hers. I think she’s an amazing vocalist and has a beautiful voice."

Spears, meanwhile, was not nominated for any Grammy Awards this year nor did she event attend the ceremony.

But Perry was on hand, performing her new single for the first time live.

What do you think of the track and of the message Perry sent at the end of it?

Perry is yet to respond to the backlash over her Britney diss.

It would seem like an easy thing for her to make a quick statement apologizing and saying she was just trying to be funny.

Unless Perry really is mad at Britney for some reason and a legitimate feud is on the horizon.

What? We can dream, can't we?

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