The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Backed Into a Corner

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Lisa Rinna is not the type of person to own up to mistakes. 

That much was made clear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7 Episode 11

When the episode got underway, Kyle had just learned about the horrible things she had been saying about her. 

Kyle managed to stay quiet to try and keep the trip upbeat, but Lisa R knew there was something not right with the atmosphere. 

Erika Girardi chatted with Lisa R about what Eden had said. As you could probably expect, Lisa R acted shocked about the whole thing. 

Kyle then decided she had had enough of the drama and confronted Lisa R. 

Lisa Rinna at 53

Kyle said, "Did you or did you not say that my sister is close to death and that she is not sober and that I am an enabler?"

However, Rinna claimed she had no idea if she said any of those things.

"All I can say to you is I had a very deep conversation with Eden about Eden," Rinna argued. "I really don't think I said that." 

Kyle persisted in trying to get the truth, but Rinna claimed she did not want to speak about it again. 

"I said I do not want to talk about this. I do not want to have this conversation." This did not sit well with Kyle, who felt like Lisa R's actions made her look bad. 

L to the VP

Rinna then snapped, saying it was all Eden's fault, but Lisa Vanderpump joined the conversation and stated that Rinna had been horrible in the past about Kim.

After all of the arguing, Rinna reluctantly admitted that she could have said it, but had no idea whether that was the case. She then tried to pin it all on Eden, saying she let her in too soon.

Rinna then departed the party, saying she was upset with Eden.

"My life is too good for this f--king bulls--t."

LVP continued to jump to Eden's defense, saying that Rinna did not admit to anything she said. Kyle appeared to be listening to her BFF. 

Kyle Richards Heads To Her Beverly Hills Store

The next morning, Kyle revealed how she felt about the situation with Rinna. 

"I'm feeling uncomfortable because of what happened with Lisa Rinna," Kyle said to the camera. "But I also feel bad that she left in tears."

After a day of fun on the boat, Kyle revealed to Rinna that she had dropped the whole thing. 

This meant Rinna never really got punished for her actions, but Kyle has always been the type of person to take the high road, so it was hardly surprising. 

While all of that was going down, Eden was meeting with her mother for advice on the matter with Kyle and Kim. 

Kyle Richards: The Simple Life 2 Welcome Home Party

Her mother was quick to point out that Kyle and Kim's situation were not her problem. 

"You, my dear, are powerless over other people's lives," her mom revealed.

Eden then gave her mother a long hug. 

Is all of this drama really in the past, or is there more on the horizon?

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