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Remember back in the day when your mom would load up you and your siblings, or your cousins or your cats or whatever, and head down to the Sears Portrait Studio for a good old-fashioned family portrait?

OK, then remember how a few hours later, your mom would take all her clothes off, slap on some body paint and show off the goods for Instagram?

No? Maybe that’s only Blac Chyna’s family then.

Blac Chyna Family Portrait
Photo via Instagram

As you can see above, Chyna brought her kids — four-year-old King Cairo, the son she shares with Tyga, and two-month-old Dream Kardashian, the baby she had with Rob Kardashian — for a seriously old school photo shoot.

That subtle grey backdrop, those classic poses …

Where did she take these photos and how did the build that time machine?

She captioned the photo "Unconditional [heart emoji]," which is sweet.

It’s also a little telling that Rob wasn’t in on the portrait, but let’s not dwell on the relationship drama right now.

Instead, let’s dwell on the weirdness of how, just a few hours after posting that precious family photo, she shared this one:

Blac Chyna Nude with Body Paint Photo
Photo via Instagram

If you’re unable to click on that super NSFW link, or if you need someone to hold your hand through this madness, then let’s break this down.

That’s Blac Chyna, totally nude, not a stitch of clothing in sight. Not one single stitch.

There’s a bit of body paint there, but just the tiniest bit — not enough to really cover up anything.

So, you know, not like Kylie’s now-legendary body paint photo, the one she shared back in November.

Kylie Jenner: Blue Paint Nude!

Are we sensing a little bit of renewed rivalry?

It’s hard to say, but yeah, probably — this is Blac "WHY ARE YOU TEXTING BITCHES?!" Chyna we’re talking about.

As a bonus, she shared one more photo, also insanely NSFW.

And this one has nipples!

Blac Chyna Nude with Body Paint
Photo via Instagram

There’s a couple of different angles to this, so put your ogling aside for just one moment and let’s delve into this.

One: she looks amazing. She looks absolutely incredible, especially for just having had a baby a couple of months ago.

Two: check out that backdrop. Yeah, it may be a struggle to get your eyes off Chyna’s bod and to that muted, boring piece of fabric, but just try …

That’s the same backdrop used for her family portrait, right? Just with different lighting.

That Chyna … girl sure knows how to multitask, we’ll say that much.

OK, OK, we’ll say one more thing: damn, girl, you are looking so good!