Ariana Biermann: Slammed By Fans For Racy Bikini Pics

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Like Kylie Jenner before her, Ariana Biermann comes from a family that's not shy about cashing in by showing a little skin.

And like Kylie, she can't really be blamed for thinking following in the family readition is the best way to carve out a career path for herself.

However, while Kylie's daily racy selfies didn't start until she was at least nearing the age of consent, Ariana is posting what many fans feel are wildly inappropriate pics at the tender age of 15.

Ariana Biermann Bikini Pic

Yes, it's one thing when we see Brielle Biermann bikini photos racking up the likes on Instagram (even though Brielle is still in her teens herself).

It's quite another when her younger sister who's not even of driving age decides to follow in her footsteps.

Not surprisingly, Ariana's followers are divided in their response to the photos.

Some say she's wearing what any young woman would wear at the beach.

Others say she probably shouldn't be showing so much skin on social media.

Ariana Biermann Bikini Photo

"Sad. 15 and your IG is following the direction of your mother and sister. You're smarter than flaunting body hair makeup and a phony facade," wrote one commenter, adding:

"Show us brains college goals and normal 15 yr pictures. Be you. Not your fake, crude mother and ding dong sister."

"Nooooo! I thought that Arianna was going to be different and became a doctor or lawyer!..How sad!!..Was looking forward to seeing what a difference she can make in this world!" another wrote.

Of course, many of Ariana's fans defended her photos, as well, with one commenting:

"Your [sic] a beautiful young lady & don't let them get you down. Parents are being so negative. She is on the beach in a bathing suit. What is she supposed to where [sic] a bag?"

Ariana Biermann Lips Photo

This isn't the first time that the teen has found herself embroiled in controversy.

Last year, fans noticed that Ariana's lips seemed to have gotten unnaturally plump, sparking a debate as to whether or not it's appropriate for such a young woman to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Like we said, the girl really has quite a bit in common with Kylie Jenner.

The two of them should probably ditch their families and star in their own reality show.

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