The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 11 Recap: Todd Stewart's Big Mistake

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Porsha Williams was not a fan of Todd Stewart on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and she made sure her voice was heard.

Did she call time on their relationship?

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 11 got underway, Todd and Porsha were on a hot date, but a shock revelation from Todd ruined Porsha's mood. 

After questioning whether he should drop the bomb on Porsha, he did. Apparently, his workplace was very upset about some Instagram pictures that involved him and Porsha. 

Now, he did not just get a slap on the wrist. In fact, he was presented with a shock ultimatum: Cool things off with Porsha, or quit his job. 

That's got to be one of the most bizarre requests from an employer, but Todd was not about to lose his reality TV girlfriend, so he quit his job. 

Porsha Williams at The Ivy

Porsha was not impressed in the slightest by his outburst and revealed that she was actually questioning everything she thought she knew about Todd. 

"What are your intentions here, then?" Porsha asked, but Todd did not seem to know what he wanted. This prompted Porsha to point out that it was silly of him to sacrifice his job when he had no idea what his intentions were with her. 

Maybe he was embarrassed in front of the cameras, but he was hardly giving Porsha a reason to make her think he made the right decision. 

Instead, she continued to make him think he made the wrong decision. 

Porsha Williams Smiling

"Child, if people lost their jobs for wanting to enjoy a girl, nobody would have jobs."

"Finding out that Todd has left his job for me feels irresponsible and that takes away the security in our relationship," she explained to the camera.

Porsha was quick to reveal that she did not want a boyfriend, so she made her intentions pretty clear from the get-go. 

"Your uncertainty is scary as hell," she said. The pair acknowledged that they were still very much in love, but Porsha continued to reveal that she was still questioning things. 

"I just feel like Todd doesn't take things serious. It's kind of eye-opening."

Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore were heading to a camp for the kids of Flint, Michigan. 

Phaedra Parks, Not Impressed

However, Kenya complained about the size of the bed and asked Phaedra how she would feel if she checked into a nearby hotel, but she eventually settled in and stayed the night. 

When the ladies met up with the campers, Kenya wanted the kids to know that it was super important for them to chase their dreams in life. 

She even felt the need to comment on her days as Miss America. She and Phaedra then continued to rekindle their friendship while helping the children. 

Back in Atlanta, Porsha got a health scare when she blacked out at a nail salon. She revealed that this was not the first time it had happened and told us that the doctors said it can be brought on with stress. 

After calling Phaedra, Todd showed up and she was still fuming with him. She was upset because she was working and he was not. 

She also needed some rest. 

"All of this time with Todd not looking for a job, I don’t find it cute at all," she explained.

"I find it irresponsible."

Todd got annoyed with her persisting to try and get him to see the light, but Porsha was not about to roll over and let it slide. 

"This is a deal-breaker, Todd," she said, before she told him to leave. 

Sometime later, Phaedra and Kenya continued their trip, but Sheree Whitfield, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss and Porsha showed up. 

The ladies then went glamping, but their actions were anything but glamorous. Kenya pressed to hear about Porsha's anger management classes. 

Like, she did not give up and just kept teasing her friend about it. It was pretty sad. Porsha revealed that she felt "completely ambushed."

Kandi Burruss Is Not Impressed

Kandi then joined in on the fun saying that she did not think Porsha was attending classes and that she was lying to her friends. 

"I'm done with everybody. I'm done with you all," Porsha said. "You're not my friend, Kenya, please leave me alone!" she added before taking off in her car. 

Later, Porsha returned and argued with Pheadra about Kenya saying Phaedra said she wanted to talk about it with everyone. 

In the end, Phaedra said she would have Porsha's back, but we're not so sure she means well. 

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