Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 4 Recap: Can Jenelle Have Some Privacy, Please!?

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For Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin, Monday night's Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 4 was an anticlimactic installment in some respects.

Rather than struggling with their decision to split up, it became clear that Javi was intending on moving on from Kail pretty much instantly. 

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you knew things were bad.

Still, you weren't necessarily expecting them to be this bad.

Javi kept coming over to get his stuff, following their decision to split up, and Kailyn was harsh or dismissive with every word she said.

At one point she told him he had to hurry up and get his things out ... so she could go to Starbucks. Understandably, this got under his skin.

She just shook her head when he asked if she ever thought about their marriage and why it failed. Kailyn has a terrible poker face.

Her other ex, Jo Rivera, worried to his fiancee, Vee Torres, that his son with Kailyn, Isaac, might be feeling confused and left behind.

Jo Rivera and Vee Torres Photo

Vee, like Jo, feared that Isaac would start to feel like he isn't wanted in Javi’s life just because Kailyn didn’t get along anymore.

Fortunately, Javi seemed to share that particular fear.

Maintaining a relationship with both Isaac and his own son, Lincoln, is paramount for him, even though it can't be completely the same.

Kailyn, meanwhile, was shutting him out completely.

We're talking literally. Even though Marroquin's new house wasn’t ready, and he was living in a hotel after getting back from deployment.

She took the man's keys. That's some cold s--t.

Speaking of moving into a new house, Leah Messer was doing just that, resulting in lots of hugs from the producers who work with her.

To celebrate ... she wanted to go to Mexico.

Leah D. Messer Image

When she texted Jeremy Clavert to ask if their daughter, Adalynn, could get a passport, Jeremy called Leah's other ex, Corey Simms.

This was before Leah had sent her own text to Corey, which made him suspicious, and Leah accused him of trying to “start something.”

Sigh. Fortunately, as crises go, this is pretty far down the totem pole of stress (way below Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr's engagement).

Still, it's literally always something with Leah.

Over in South Dakota, Chelsea Houska's impending baby joy took a back seat this week as she dealt with some less pleasant issues.

Okay, one specific issue really. Adam Lind.

The derelict of society hadn’t been paying his child support, and his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, texted her to say she's in the same boat.

She was taking him to court as a result.

Taylor Halbur, Adam Lind Photo

As The Housk pondered her options, producers met up with Adam, who was still complaining about how Teen Mom 2 makes him look bad.

(Or they just film reality, bruh ... just a thought.)

Lind says he does a lot of positive things, and thought he was caught up on child-support payments, so just give him a break, people!

We won't hold our breath for that. Finally, Jenelle Evans and David Eason talked about the “good shock” they had recently experienced.

HMM. What might that consist of, you guys?!

David's hand was on her stomach, and Jenelle admitted she was scared of what people would say when they learned her latest secret.

For whatever reason, the giggly pair feared speaking too openly about whatever the surprise was, and clammed up around the producers.

Jenelle Evans, David Eason and Baby Bump

“I’ll just start wearing big hoodies from now on,” she said.

Subtle, Jenelle. Real subtle and very mysterious.

Producers pressed on, asking if she had “any news,” then straight up asked if the Carolina Hurricane was pregnant for the third time.

She denied it vehemently, which is hilarious.

Of course, there are certain secrets you can only hide for so long, and days later, she and David got into a minor automobile collision.

The police report stated that she was pregnant - wisely, she told responders at the scene - and this was promptly leaked to the press.

This did not sit well with Jenelle, who closed the episode scrolling through harsh tweets from strangers telling her “close her damn legs.” 

Wow. People are insane.

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