Teen Mom 2 Recap: Divorce! Pregnancy! Houses! Court!

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On a special Wednesday episode of Teen Mom 2, the series' 100th, the MTV fab four all reached key points in their respective lives.

From West Virginia to Delaware, South Dakota to North Carolina and back, the ups and downs for our girls were as drastic as ever.

Leah Messer Promotional Image

Leah Messer, for her part, got a new house for herself and her daughters, one that would help Aliannah to use her wheelchair more.

The mother of three started planning to install the access ramp on the porch, noting that she has plenty of experience at at this stage.

Ali’s dad, Corey Simms, still seems to be in denial about her condition to some degree, believed the young girl is doing better of late.

That may be, but it's clear she requires a lot of help.

As sad as the situation obviously is, you can't will away Ali's need for a wheelchair any more than you can go back and change the past.

We hope these two continue positive co-parenting; Leah and Corey have been through ups and downs, and do seem to be at an upswing.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Waist Training Products

Jenelle Evans, having agreed to a custody deal with Nathan Griffith, was about to sign the visitation agreement papers, with reservations.

The Carolina Hurricane feared Nathan still wasn't in the right state - nor did he have the necessary gear - to have Kaiser live there.

Nathan wouldn't even tell her his address. Never a good sign.

On the advice of her lawyer, however, Jenelle signed the agreement anyway, as “it’s really important for [Kaiser to] have his dad in his life.”

From a legal standpoint, a signed agreement would be a prerequisite if she ever needed to go back to court over custody with Nathan.

When Jenelle left for a vacation with her other son, Jace, Nathan’s mom started sending Jenelle updates, rather than Nathan himself.

Naturally, this raised some questions with Evans.

Kailyn and Javi Working Out

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin's divorce continued to play out even before he returned from his deployment on this week's episode.

With only 36 days to go, she was starting to freak.

What would she decide? It's easy to say if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, or follow them on social media, but these two were doomed.

Meanwhile, her other ex, Jo Rivera, told GF Vee Torres that he was worried that their divorce would cause issues between him and Javi.

Jo knew that the marriage stressed Kailyn out too much for it to work, and he called it when he knew the divorce was going to happen.

In a phone call between Javi and one of his friends, we learned that Kailyn was already working out the terms of the couple's divorce.

Looks like this is the new normal for these two.

Chelsea Houska: 25 Weeks Pregnant

In long-awaited, ever-rare good TM2 news ...

Chelsea had a big announcement for the producers arriving to film, and in typical Teen Mom fashion, they became a storyline as well.

If not a story, a twist on one: Chelsea had kept them in the dark as to her own life, and they anxiously wondered what her news was.

By this point, we know the Housk is pregnant.

She was worried about telling seven-year-old Aubree that she’d be a big sister soon, however, fearing that the little girl might be upset.

Especially on camera, that was a real concern.

One that was unfounded in the end. Aubree took the pregnancy news well and talked about how excited she is to be a big sister! Aww.

Chelsea and Jenelle are both due soon.

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