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The best thing about Sister Wives is when the family rallies round one of their own. 

That’s exactly what happened on Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 7, when Mariah stunned her family with a shocking announcement. 

Mariah Brown on Sister Wives

The whole family seemed to think she was going to reveal she was in a relationship with someone, but they did not expect her to tell them she was gay. 

The family were quickly to give her the support she sought and it was pretty amazing. Mariah was quick to point out that it was far from an easy decision to come clean to her family. 

Robyn understood that it must have taken a lot of courage to tell the family the truth because of them being a plural family. She and Janelle were quick to accept Mariah for who she was, but Meri and Kody had been completely blindsided. 

You could tell they were trying to process the revelation their daughter had just revealed to them. Surprisingly, the thing that helped Kody make sense of it was that he had entertained the possibility of one of his own being gay before. 

Mariah Brown

Kody let his daughter know that he would never like the thought of one of his children not being loved. It was then that he let Mariah know that he would love her no matter what. 

Meri claimed that she was mostly upset because she did not even suspect it. She assumed her daughter was straight and would marry a man one day. 

With Meri’s relationship with Mariah on thin ice, Robyn and Kody went to speak to Meri about her feelings because they did not want Meri to send mixed emotions Mariah’s way. 

Kody and Meri

Meri decided it was best to choose the family vacation as the best time to talk to her daughter about everything. Meri was cautious about what she was going to say. 

She feared that she made their relationship even more strained, but there was a slim chance of that. Their relationship was pretty much in tatters. 

When Meri questioned how Mariah came to the conclusion she was gay, Mariah was quick to shut it down. Her reason? It was personal. Meri tried to relay that she was confused about her feelings to Mariah, but things got tense when she said the word "weird."

Mariah took this personally and thought her mother was calling her weird, but she really was not. There was something that seemed odd about the scene because Meri kept randomly laughing. 

This irked Mariah even more, who felt her mother was making fun of her. When Meri tried to bring up being in Mariah’s life more, Mariah shut it down. She was not ready to let her mother back in. 

Meri Brown: Sister Wives Star Geting Emotional

Mariah did let her mother know that her time away from the family helped her come to terms with her feelings, so that’s why she enjoyed the independence. 

Later, Meri continued to try and get all the attention on her when the family went out for dinner. After a multitude of questions about Mariah’s sexuality, she revealed that she initially came out to her brother Logan. 

Meri sobbed that she wanted it to be her. Is this woman trying to cry the family a river, or something? If she really wanted to make amends with Mariah, she should just accept it and move on. 

Elsewhere, Christine was still trying to find out whether Tony was the right man for Mykelti and she got her confirmation by watching the way they were acting with one another on the vacation. 

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