Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Sisters At War

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Stevie J does not like any animosity in his family. That probably explains why he's not with Joseline Hernandez right about now.

Yeah, she recently gave birth to their baby, but that does not mean they are getting back together. 

On Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 3 Stevie was upset at just how far apart Savannah and Sade have become and set out to try and bring them closer together for the sake of the family. 

On a shopping trip with Savannah, Stevie revealed that he did not like feeling like an ATM when she wanted something and she should be doing things to earn her clothing. 

Savannah was blindsided, but she kind of felt like she should work for her money, so she decided to cook dinner for the family.

Stevie got talking about the state of Sade and Savannah's relationship and it was revealed that the two siblings are just a little too different to get on with each other. 

Stevie did not want this to be the case, so he told Savannah the dinner would be great idea.

However, when dinner was served, Sade was nowhere to be found. 

Stevie J on VH1

This rubbed Savannah the wrong way as she felt like making the dinner was her way of extending the olive branch.

Sade showed up over an hour later, with a lot of shopping bags. 

Savannah was quick to go on the offensive and the pair started bickering.

It got to the point were Stevie had to admit that both of them were in the wrong and that he was disgusted the pair were wishing harm on each other. 

Sade's main issue with Savannah stemmed from the fact that Savannah does nothing with her life, aside from sitting around and having everything paid for her.

Hey, is that not what's supposed to happen?

Stevie J, Up Close

Stevie knew he would need to do something quickly to get things resolved, so he reeled in his younger daughter, Eva.

They set up a Princess themed tea party. 

The girls knew what he was up to, but Savannah respected the gesture and revealed that she thought she and Sade were sitting a bad example for Eva and they would need to right the ship in order to have harmony within the family. 

Both Stevie and Eva seemed ecstatic at the news, but how long will it last?

Stevie J Chills Out

Elsewhere, Stevie's stand-up comedy did not go down a storm with the audience.

His new assistant took him to a lesbian night at a night club and absolutely no one thought he was funny. 

It got so bad that one of the women asked if he was trying to be funny.

That was more than enough to knock Stevie's confidence down a few pegs. 

Stevie to the J

He turned to his friend to open as his support act at the real event to warm the audience up.

It worked, and Stevie, very surprisingly, managed to make the audience laugh along with him. 

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