Kylie Jenner Throws Apparent Shade at Bella Hadid, Supports Team The Weeknd

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As far as we can tell, no one has asked Kylie Jenner for her opinion on the ongoing Selena Gomez vs. Bella Hadid feud.

But the reality star has seemingly gone ahead and weighed in anyway.

Last week, of course, Selena was spotted on a date with The Weeknd, kissing the singer and cozying up to him on the sidewalk outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Kylie Jenner Gets Intense

A source told E! News that Gomez and The Weeknd dined at Giorgio Baldi for three hours, sitting in a back room with a private server.

“They came out and they were so happy,” an onlooker told Us Weekly of the artists that evening, adding:

“They were hugging and kissing. … Selena was all over him, hugging, kissing [him]. She looked amazing and so incredibly happy and in love.”

There was also talk that Selena and her new man went back to her place after dinner for a bit of dessert. (If you know what we mean!)

Shortly after news and photos from this date went viral, the true controversy began.

First, Bella Hadid unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, seemingly angry that her pal was now dating her serious ex-boyfriend.

Then, an insider close to the situation told TMZ that Gomez has been seeing The Weeknd for a few months now, not even bothering to tell Hadid about the relationship.

This source alleges that Hadid only found out about the romance via the Internet, claiming that Selena basically stabbed the model in the back and explaining:

"Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do. But I guess that's just Hollywood."


Gomez has not said anything about her scandalous relationship, and neither has Hadid. At least not verbally.

Just a few days ago, however, Bella shared a photo on Instagram of her back to the camera, her middle finger extended in the air.

She didn't include a caption with the image, but most followers didn't need Hadid to elaborate. They very much understood her point.

Bella Hadid Flips the Bird

So... what does any of this have to do with Kylie Jenner?

On Tuesday night, Kylie was spotted with The Weeknd and Tyga at the Italian restaurant Carbone in New York City. Witnesses say the trio was having a grand time together.

From there, Kylie went home and decided to sing a song to her fans on Snapchat.

And what song did she choose to sing? "True Colors" by none other than... The Weeknd!

Kylie Jenner Sings The Weeknd

Might Jenner simply be a fan of this track? Absolutely.

But you have to admit: the timing is very interesting. So is the song choice even.

Is Kylie telling Bella that her "true colors" are finally showing through? That she ought to shut up and move on because she isn't dating The Weeknd any longer and the guy is free to bang whomever he pleases?

We don't know. We're just speculating here.

But Selena is supposedly very serious about her famous new boyfriend. She doesn't see this as just another fling.

Perhaps Kylie can relate because she's so smitten with Tyga and because that relationship also got underway amid contention and controversy.

It's hard to say for certain.

It's just pretty clear at this point that Jenner might as well be holding up some pom-poms in the above video. She is cheering on Team The Weeknd.

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