Hilary Duff & Matthew Koma: Dating!

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Clearly, Hilary Duff is not one to wallow in heartbreak for very long.

Just a few months after her divorce from Mike Comrie, the actress moved on with a new man.

Duff began dating Jason Walsh back in October, but now it looks as though that relationship has already fizzled.

Hilary Duff Red Carpet Photo

Now, Hilary has moved on yet again, this time with singer Matthew Koma.

Koma and Duff were spotted on a coffee date in Century City, California yesterday.

Koma is a solo artist with a decent-ish Twitter following (146,000 - sure to spike once news of his new relationship spreads), but his Wikipedia page reveals some puzzling gaps in his resume.

The 29-year-old has yet to release his debut album, but he has two EPs to his name.

The strange thing is that the most recent came out almost four years ago.

Matthew Koma Photo

In the meantime, Koma appears to have written songs for other artists, including an ode to Taylor Swift, recorded by a band called The Knocks, that praises Swift as "a boss and so legit."

No, we haven't listened to it, but with lyrics like that, we kinda feel like we don't have to, ya know?

Anyway, we're not saying Koma is using Duff to give his career a boost, we just hope she's generally on the look out for that sort of thing.

As long as she's been in the industry, we're guessing she can spot a coattail rider a mile away.

Hilary Duff Selfie

There's no word on just how serious Hilary and Matt are, but onlookers say they made no effort to hide the fact that they were on a date.

No word on whether or not any full-blown canoodling took place.

Ironically, when Hilary comments on her love life, it's usually to claim that she's a bit of a loner, who enjoys the single life.

"I've never been a good dater," Duff told Cosmo earlier this month.

"I meet, like, one person a year that I'm maybe attracted to. I never want to be that girl who's desperate to find a mate."

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We guess Matt's the guy for 2017.

Make the most of it, you lucky SOB!

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