Bella Thorne Gets Naked on Twitter; Internet Remains Pissed

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In case you missed it - Bella Thorne has experienced quite the fall from grace over the past few weeks.

For several months, Bella dated Tyler Posey, and all seemed to be going well.

The relationship even did her wonders for her public image, as Tyler has a massive online following, and most of his obsessive fans seemed to approve of the relationship.

Bella Thorne at the AMAs

Unfortunately, dating a dude that the Internet froths over is a double-edged sword, as Bella quickly learned, when she allegedly cheated on Posey with with singer Charlie Puth.

The drama unfolded as publicly as possible (Puth called Thorne out on Twitter), and because Charlie also has an obsessively devoted fan base, it didn't play out well for Bella.

#BellaThorneIsOverParty quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter, and the young actress clearly didn't consult with her PR team before issuing a response.

Instead, she accused Puth of being "butthurt," thus further pissing off his fans and drawing more attention to the situation.

Of course, she didn't amass millions of online followers by not understanding what makes the Internet tick, so today she posted a nude photo as a way of making amends:

Bella Thorne: Nude on Twitter!

Hmmm ... on second though, maybe Bella doesn't quite understand her own popularity.

Knees and awkward facial expressions that make it look like someone paused the DVR while an actor was mid-sneeze are not wat what people want to see when they're looking at nude photos. 

Bella's been nearly nude on social media more times than we can count, so it's a bit strange that when she decides to go all the way, her new hair color is the focal point.

But hey, here we are talking about something other than her tumultuous love life, so we guess it worked, right?

Of course, if she really wants everyone to focus on something new, then she should bear in mind that Twitter does not enforce an Instagram-like no-nipple policy.

Bella Thorne at the AMAs

But who knows what might happen tomorrow.

Americans are being stripped of their rights every day, so maybe we should all strip while we can.

Where were we?

Oh, yeah ... Bella Thorne got naked but you can't really see anything.

This has been your daily ramble about a nude celeb that somehow got political.

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