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On The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8, the AMC show’s midseason finale found team members scrambling to find supplies for Negan.

Unfortunately, we are talking about … Negan. He calls the shots, does not mince words, and is not known for restraint, to put it mildly.

He made it clear he wanted a lot more than they could offer, so if you watch The Walking Dead online, you knew you were in for a showdown.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8 Online
Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8 Online

We picked up with Negan continuing his visit to Alexandria and trying to act like he was filling in for Rick in his absence.

He felt the need to prepare a meal for Carl and Judith. 

It all seemed innocent, but with Negan, nothing is ever innocent. He always has an ulterior motive in order to get ahead of the game.

Spencer continued to try and turn the tables against Rick. 

Michonne & Rick Meet Back Up on The Walking Dead
Photo via AMC

He tried to pass it off as him looking for an opportunity to take Negan down, but he just reeked of desperation and it was very obvious something was going to go horribly wrong for him. 

While playing a game of pool, Spencer lifted the lid on his plan to get rid of Rick, but Negan was against the idea because Rick was the one out scavenging for supplies.

Let’s face it, there was absolutely no chance Negan was going to take Spencer up on his plan. 

Negan sliced Spencer’s stomach open to see if he had guts. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

It was another gruesome scene, but everyone probably already knew it was coming.

This was when Rosita felt the need to take her chance at killing Negan and she failed. 

Negan wanted to know who created the bullet and Rosita maintained that she was the one who made it.

In return for the attempted murder, Negan tasked his henchman with killing off another of Rick’s group. 

The unlucky victor was Olivia, who practically wailed the whole episode.

Yes, you guys, the deaths were not as big as the ones from the season premiere, but they will still affect the group in a lot of different ways. 

When Rick returned from his scavenging trip, Negan revealed he would be taking Eugene as he was the one who made the bullet.

Rick went crazy, shouting the odds, but Negan revealed all of it started with Carl murdering two of his men. 

Negan then left and revealed Rick did not have enough supplies for them, and he would be back for more. Yikes. 

Meanwhile, Darryl made his way through the savior camp to make his getaway.

After being stealthy for the most part, he was caught by one of the saviors, but Jesus was there to help him. 

They both left to return back to Hilltop.

Michonne was off on her own mission to find the savior camp.

She succeeded and returned back to Rick to let him know she knew the truth. 

At the end, all of the group, minus Carol and Morgan arrived at Hilltop, ready to take down the saviors. 

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