Rihanna & Jennifer Lopez: Fighting Over Drake?!

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As you may have heard, Drake and Jennifer Lopez appear to be dating.

At first, we had a hard time believing it.

Surely, they were just working on music together or developing a friendship, right?

Drake and Jennifer Lopez

After all, the reports about Drake and J-Lo surfaced just weeks after it was rumored that Drake was dating Taylor Swift.

Nothing really came of the Draylor situation, so it's not hard to see why many initially assumed that Dray-Lo (Dropez? Drennifer?) would also turn out to be a bust.

But then, something miraculous happened.

Perhaps knowing that 2016 is in serious need of redemption, Drizzy and Jen made it Instagram official last night by posting this coupled-up pic:

Drake and Jennifer Lopez Cuddling

Neither party has officially confirmed that they're dating, but they knew damn well what the reaction to this photo would be, so at the very least, they're enjoying the speculation.

Of course, new couple announcements often result in significant butthurt from envious exes, and despite their mega-star status, Drake and RiRi are not above this phenomenon.

You might think that the ill will would come from Jen's most recent ex, Casper Smart, who basically made a career out of being Mr. J-Lo.

But thus far, Smart has remained silent on the issue, (possibly because he's still enjoying life on Jen's pay roll).

However, it seems there's someone much higher on the celebrity totem pole who's making no secret of her lack of enthusiasm over the celeb world's newest 

Rihanna: 2016 BRIT Awards

You may have forgotten that Drake and Rihanna dated on two separate occasions, because both times, the relationship didn't last very long.

But it seems that the relationship left enough of an impression on RiRi that she's at least mildly pissed about her ex moving on in such public fashion.

Rihanna has unfollowed Lopez on Instagram, which is surprising, considering both women have spoken highly of one another in the recent past.

“I’m a huge Rihanna fan,” Lopez said during a red carper inerview earlier this year.

In response, Rihanna gifted Lopez a pair of $4,000 boots from her own Manolo Blahnik line.

Drake and Rihanna Picture

She included a hand-written note, reading:

“To the baddest. Because I know you’re gonna wear them better than me.”

This might be the clearest indication yet that Drake and Jen are getting serious, as clearly something big transpired if Rih went from sending wildly expensive gifts to issuing passive-aggressive social media middle fingers in just a few short months.

It's an unexpected move on Rihanna's part, as a running joke throughout both of her relationships with Drake was that she just didn't seem that into the guy.

Perhaps RiRi is the type who doesn't know what she's got til it's gone ...

... or maybe she's just really enjoyed stringing poor Drizzy along.

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