Drake & Jennifer Lopez: Dating?!

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Drake. Drizzy. Aubree. Wheelchair Jimmy. The Emo Emcee.

Whatever you want to call him, Drake is one of the biggest - and most sensitive - rappers in the game.

But while it may make him an easy target for rival rappers, the vulnerable persona seems to be working for him with the ladies, as Drake is quickly becoming the male Taylor Swift in terms of the celebrity notches on his bedpost.

Drake Wins Again

(Actually, Drake is the male Taylor Swift in more ways than one, but that's a discussion for another time.)

Given the artists' shared fondness for sex with other famous people, the rumors that Drake and Taylor were dating didn't come as much of a shock.

(Even if they did turn out to be almost certainly bogus.)

In the same vein, it's both surprising and not remotely surprising that TMZ is now reporting that Drake is dating Jenifer Lopez.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez

It's unexpected in that J-Lo is 17 years Drake's senior and just got out of a serious relationship.

However, it makes perfect sense when one considers that Drake is so drawn to fame and success we're surprised he hasn't pulled a Kanye and buddied up to Trump.

See exhibit A, the  "Drake turns into the heart-eyes emoji when he hangs out with NBA players" meme as evidence of this phenomenon:

Drake Meme

Obviously, there are many more reasons to date J-Lo other than her wealth and fame, but we imagine her success is one of the many assets that he's drawn to (yes,. juvenile pun intended).

So what's the evidence that these two are hooking up?

Well, the speculation started when Drake attended Jen's Vegas show twice in one week.

Last night, he rented out Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood in her honor.

Granted, they were joined by 20 other people, but it's still a major gesture for a platonic friend.

A source close to the situation says Drake and J-Lo aren't officially dating yet, but seem to be "headed in that direction."

Careful with that man's heart, Jen.

It's fragile.

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