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Leonardo DiCaprio has been inside more models than every rolled up dollar bill on the planet combined, but to his credit, the guy is more serial monogamist than heartless womanizer.

Though he often trades the women in his life in for newer models in the most literal sense, it seems the splits are usually amicable and Leo’s exes never seem to have anything bad to say about their time with Hollywood’s most notorious playboy.

That may be about to change, however, thanks to a rumor about Leo stepping out behind the back of his current girlfriend, Nina Agdal.

Leonardo DiCaprio at the 2016 Oscars

DiCaprio and Agdal have been dating since July, and were recently rumored to be getting serious.

But it seems DiCaprio’s been having some difficulty putting his ladies’ man ways behind him, as sources are telling Page Six that he was recently spotted hooking up a model (of course) named Paige Watkins while Agdal was out of town.

Witnesses say DiCaprio and Watkins were spotted slyly hooking up at 1Oak in LA, where Leo was partying in the VIP with his reunited "wolf pack," which includes fellow actors Lukas Haas and the recently-divorced Toby Maguire.

“They looked pretty close,” one onlooker says.

“She was sitting on his lap, and they appeared to be kissing.”

Paige Watkins Photo

Insiders say Nina was out of the country for the holidays, and Leo appears to have taken advantage of the window of opportunity presented by her absence.

Paige is a slender, blonde, twenty-something model, which makes this story 100% believable, but sources for both parties claim it’s a complete fabrication:

“There is no confirmation that they are a couple nor were they holding hands," says a rep for Watkins’ modeling agency.

“They are definitely not a couple.” 

A spokesperson for Leo issued a similar denial, saying:

“This story is totally false and completely made up by people claiming to be sources.”

Leonardo DiCaprio: Full Body Photo at the 2106 Oscars

Even a PR representative for 1Oak got Leo’s back, telling Page Six:

“It’s not true, he was there with all of his boys for a holiday party.”

Is it just us, or all these denials making Leo look even more guilty.

His best defense would be to claim that he was just behaving on instinct:

"I saw a blonde model, so I started making out with her. At this point, it’s basically an involuntary function."

There’s literally not a thing you can say to argue against that.