Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 1 Recap: Moving On

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Stevie J is back, you guys!

That much was confirmed on Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 1, in which we were introduced to Stevie and his family as he tried to move on from his very public split with Joseline Hernandez. 

He remained in Atlanta, but the series seems to want to focus on Stevie's life as a bachelor.

Sounds pretty similar to the Stevie we all knew and loved on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Right?!

We kicked things off with Stevie meeting up with pal, Yung Joc.

The main talking point centered on what was going on with Joseline and her pregnancy. 

Stevie J Chills Out

While Stevie tried to imply her baby was definitely not his, his friend was in disbelief about the whole thing, and it was clear he thought Stevie was the father. 

it's definitely an elaborate lie to make, but there's a very real chance Stevie could be a father to the baby.

Maybe he was just worried about facing up to it, or something. 

Stevie's daughters hated Joseline, but what did they do in order to voice their displeasure for the woman who changed their father's life?

Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump Picture

They shaded her, and boy, it was pretty great.

“You must had to do something really bad in a past life to have Joseline as a parent,” one of them said. 

Later, two of the daughters decided it was time to get rid of "hoe-seline." In order to do this, they went through the boxes of her stuff and trashed her some more. 

It was in this moment we got the reveal that Joseline asked one of the daughters at just 16-years-old if she "ate the cat." 

Stevie J Poses

There are several meanings you can take from this, but we'll leave it up to you to figure out what the heck she meant. 

Meanwhile, Stevie seemed annoyed that he was the one who made Joseline the household name she apparently is.

Plot twist: no one knows her. 

For a show that was meant to be about Stevie J moving on in the aftermath of his split, it's clear the show wants us all to hate Joseline. 

Stevie to the J

Based on the trailer, it seems like the whole season is going to be about the paternity test to find out whether Joseline is lying that Stevie is the father. 

Either way, we're intrigued for the moment, but that could change in an instant if they go overboard with the hate on Joseline. 

Joseline Hernandez: Pregnant and Prepared

Maybe we can get to see Stevie REALLY move on by going back out and living the bachelor lifestyle the show promoted to us. 

What did you think of the series premiere? Should Stevie just give up and go back to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?

Sound off below!

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