Chelsea Houska: My Daughter's Not Safe With Adam Lind!

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Chelsea Houska has done a better job of turning her life around and carving out a content, stable existence than perhaps any other cast member in the Teen Mom franchise.

These days, Chelsea is married to Cole DeBoer, she's got a second child on the way, and her daughter, Aubree, seems about as happy and well adjusted as one could expect from the offspring of the worst baby daddy in Teen Mom history.

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Yes, Chelsea had quite the hole to dig herself out of after her first child was born, and that hole was named Adam Lind.

Lind has been arrested almost as many times as Jenelle Evans, for charges ranging from back child support to stalking.

So it's not surprising that Chelsea is concerned about Adam's continued involvement in her daughter's life.

Fortunately, the law shares her concerns:

“His visits are still supervised by his parents so that gives me peace of mind,” Chelsea Houska told Radar Online in a recent interview.

“But it’s scary. I don’t know if he makes the best choices. It definitely is scary as a mom."

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Chelsea says her friendship with Lind's ex Taylor Halibur has been extremely useful in helping her keep tabs on her daughter's dangerously unhinged father.

“I don’t have mutual friends with Adam, I don’t know anything that he does,” Chelsea Houska explains.

“Taylor has mutual friends so whenever she hears something that might be important for me to know it’s nice because we’re able to communicate and look out for both of the girls.”

Chelsea added that Lind is back to his hard-partying ways, and has thus far failed to maintain any sort of regular visitation schedule with his daughter.

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“He doesn’t put any effort or doesn’t make any moves towards that. It hasn’t changed,” she tells the site.

She says that she's currently exploring her options with regard to a move that's sure to royally piss Lind off - having her daughter's name changed to reflect the fact that DeBoer is the real father figure.

“That’s still something I’m super interested in,” Houska says.

“We haven’t looked into anymore because there is a lot going on, but I think some day we will get to that a little further.”

We're sure that will go over well.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how atrocious Lind truly is.

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