Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: New Orleans, Here We Come!

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Last night on Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Episode 2, the Kate and her brood of eight made their way to New Orleans and engaged in all sorts of fun stuff! 

From dead bugs to dead crawfish, the family seemed to have an excellent time in Louisiana. 

If you watch Kate Plus 8 online, you'll know that some of the episodes aren't the most fun -- they usually feature a stressed-out Kate and out of control kids -- but in this case, a trip to good, old NOLA seemed to bode well with the family! 

Since Kate and company have never been to New Orleans, she decided to plan a family trip not only for fun, but for some old-fashioned humanitarian work. 

Their first endeavor in sampling the fine wares of the temptress known as the Crescent City? Trying beignets.  

Later, the family heads to an etiquette class, in which some of the brood were in dire need -- Cara and Mady could hardly put their phones down during the trip, but the etiquette class set them straight (sort of). 

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As for their community service, the family got involved with a rebuilding organization to alleviate the devastation that's continued to impact the below-sea level area over a decade after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. 

The kids, alongside mom Kate, engaged heavily in residential reconstruction efforts, revitalizing properties and helping in mold remediation.  

On another day, the Gosselins headed to the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, where Kate nearly passed out from fright at the myriad dead -- and living! -- bugs on display in the museum. 

Acknowledging their mom's insect theatrics to the camera, Cara said, "She likes to make a scene."

"I think I’ve just gotten used to it,” Mady added.

Kate Gosselin on The Celebrity Apprentice

The family also headed to a cooking class -- an obligatory tourist trap if you happen to be in the city on the Mississippi -- where Kate predictably freaked out and claimed that the (dead) crawfish that they were to peel for seafood gumbo were wriggling around in her hand. 

They're dead, Kate ... dead crawfish don't wriggle unless your hands are shaking in fear.

Chill out, mama! 

All in all, the kids -- and Kate! -- seemed to have a great time. 

Yeah, the older girls were more involved in their phones than they were family time, but that's teenagers for you. 

Hats off to Kate for preparing and executing a pretty fabulous family trip! 

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