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Jimmy Kimmel was announced as the host of 2017 Academy Awards on Monday afternoon.

And yet, somehow, this reveal was only the second most exciting announcement surrounding Jimmy Kimmel on Monday afternoon.

That’s because the comedian used his talk show monologue yesterday to also announce that wife Molly McNearney is pregnant with the couple’s second child.

They are already parents to an adorable two-year old named Jane.

Molly McNearney
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“Congratulations to me. I’m hosting the Oscars and I had sex,” Kimmel joked in front of his studio audience, hilariously adding these were "two things as a teenage boy I never thought would be possible.”

The host, who also has two children, Kevin and Katherine, from a previous marriage, continued in jest:

"My wife is hosting a baby inside her body, so that’s what’s coming.

"We got the ultrasound, which is weird because it’s like you’re already spying on the baby – but we asked the technician not to tell us whether we’re having a boy or a girl."

He went on to say he’ll let the impending child "decide for itself" what gender it will be.

Oh, that silly Jimmy Kimmel.

Jimmy Kimmel, Wife
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“We want it to be a surprise, but I have been trying to think of names that would work for either a boy or a girl,” Kimmel said.

“So far I’ve come up with two. Number one, Dyson, after the vacuum. Or ‘Jelatin,’ with a J. No? That’s exactly what my wife said.”

We’re happy for this baby because Kimmel and McNearney seem very nice and funny. And they’re rich, which does make a child’s life easier, let’s be honest.

But we also feel a little bad for this baby because, in a few years, he or she will be told by his or her father that he ate all of her Halloween candy.

We’ll laugh. But will the kid?

Jimmy Kimmel and Family
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Join us in sending your very best wishes to Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney and then also in sending these same wishes to celebrities who welcomed babies in 2016.

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