Ivanka Trump "Attacked" Aboard Flight, Apparently Flies Jet Blue

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You can't help who your parents are, but you do have a say in who you help get elected president, which may be why the sight of Donald Trump's children elicits such a visceral reaction of disgust from so many Americans.

Ivanka Trump may not be looked down upon with the sort of disdain reserved for noted Patrick Bateman look-alikes Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump, but she's not exactly beloved at the moment.

So while it's not all that surprising that Ivanka got an earful when she deigned to fly commercial this morning.

Ivanka Trump Unfiltered

Several media outlets are claiming that Ivanka was "attacked" aboard a Jet Blue flight this morning. 

Now, before you get too upset, you should know that this was a "verbal attack," and later reports clarified that Ivanka was "harassed" by an "out of control passenger."

Still decidedly not cool, especially since Ivanka was with her kids, and everything is approximately 800 times scarier aboard an airplane.

But obviously, nowhere near as severe as we were initially led to believe.

Ivanka Trump Selfie

The passenger was removed from the plane, but not before giving Ivanka an unwelcome piece of his mind.

And what did the guy have to say?

Well, nothing Ivanka hasn't heard before.

Ivanka Trump Models

"Your father is ruining the country," he reportedly shouted.

He followed that (valid) observation with another solid point, asking:

“Why is she on our flight? She should be riding private.:

Yeah - why is Ivanka on a Jet Blue flight?

Like, no offense to JB - we dig the seat-back TVs and the on-brand blue tortilla chips - but did Ivanka forget her last name when she booked this flight?

Not only does Donald Trump own a private jet and talk it about freakin' constantly, one of his first duties as president-elect was to brag about his insider knowledge of the air travel industry.

Ivanka Trump Comes Through in the Clutch

So the news that his daughter and her kids are sipping Dunkin' Donuts coffee aboard a discount airline flight is more surprising than the news that other passengers aren't crazy about Ivanka.

Interestingly, this isn't even the first Trump-related midair kerfuffle since the election.

Last month Delta banned a Trump supporter for life after he was caught on video berating female passengers for voting for Hillary Clinton.

Fortunately, Ivanka is moving to Washington, D.C., despite her earlier promise to remain in New York City, so she won't have to get harassed by airborne plebes every time she wants to participate in the upcoming 4-year sh-tshow of a presidency.

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