Ivanka Trump: Moving to D.C. Despite Promise to Stay in NYC

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Remember when Donald Trump was running for president, and he promised that his kids would run his business while he focused on running the country?

Remember when he assured us that his children would not be receiving White House jobs, but would instead be managing his assets, which would be placed in a blind trust?

If you want to go even more recent, remember when Trump appeared on 60 Minutes, and his daughter Ivanka assured Leslie Stahl that she would be remaining in New York and not moving to Washington, D.C. in order to help keep her father's rage-tweets to a minimum?

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Well, you may want to sit down for this, but it looks as though the Trump family may have lied to us!

We know, you're astonished that the guy who started his campaign by claiming the Mexican government has "forced" 34 million undocumented immigrants into the US - and who just this morning abused his power by falsely accusing Boeing of overcharging the government, seemingly because the company has expressed skepticism over his trade policies - would ever lie to you.

But believe it or not, it seems that's exactly what's going on here.

Multiple media outlets are reporting today that Ivanka her husband, Jared Kushner, have been house hunting in the nation's capital.

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The potential move raises concerns for a number of reasons.

Trump is mostly protected from conflict of interest laws domestically, but his continued involvement in the corporate world has raised concerns about potential negative impacts of a Trump presidency on the US economy.

Trump has yet to be sworn in, but there are already concerns that the President-elect's outraged tweets could be perceived as "stock bashing" of publicly traded companies. 

Additionally, if Trump receives any income from foreign governments as a result of his overseas holdings, he may be in violation of the Constitutions emoluments clause, which would make him a prime candidate for impeachment.

Though she was once viewed as a stabilizing force that balanced out her father's erratic behavior during his campaign, Ivanka is now seen by many as a symbol of the business ties that threaten to further undermine the integrity of the presidency.

No one in the Trump camp has spoken out about Ivanka's potential move, which can probably be taken as their way of tacitly confirming that she really is Beltway-bound.

Indicator #4,789,680 that we're in for a bonkers four years

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