Cee Lo Green: I Didn't Die in a Cellphone Explosion!

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Cee Lo Green has a message to send those concerned about his state of being

And the message goes like this:


Cee Lo Green in Concert

Is Green the latest victim of an Internet celebrity death hoax? Kind of. Sort of.

But rumors of his demise are a bit more complicated and hilarious than a simple social media message that is making the rounds.

Talk of Cee Lo no longer being with us heated up over the weekend after a video depicting surveillance footage of a man resembling the singer and - former The Voice coach - went viral on Saturday.

In the clip, this unidentified man is sitting in a recording studio and talking on his phone.

The device in his hand then blows up and the individual falls off his chair and on to the floor.

Internet users may have previously laughed off the video as a clear fake, except there have been recalls for the Galaxy Note 7 because it really does just explode on occasion.

Here's a look at the video that has many people thinking Cee Lo Green is dead:

The footage above even prompted R&B singerĀ Omarion to Tweet the following:

"@CeeLoGreen Sooo manyyyy prayers & light to you brother!!!! I [pray] your hearing is ok!!!"

Other messages of concern for Green have included:

concerned messages

But here's the thing:

CeeĀ Lo Green is alive!

He set the record straight on Facebook Live, thanking his fans for their supportive words not long after he got word that a lot of people thought he had been killed.

"Hey y'all, listen," the singer told the camera, explaining:

"I just want to let everybody know that I am alive and I am well and I'm OK. Truthfully, I'm really upset that anybody had to be emotionally disturbed by what they saw today.

"Actually what you saw today was a clip from a smaller video that we were shooting for a new project that I'm doing called Gnarly Davidson. It's supposed to set up and introduce the new character identity.

"I'm still going to release the music, but first and foremost to everybody that love me and care about me, I just wanted to let you know that I'm OK..."

Cee Lo Green Sings

Phew. That's good, right?

Even if you aren't a fan of Green's because he once wondered if a woman can be technically raped if she's unconscious, you probably don't think he deserves to die in a freak cellphone accident.

At least we hope not.

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