Caitlyn Jenner to EXPOSE EVERYTHING in Kardashians Tell-All?

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Caitlyn Jenner is coming out with a memoir in 2017.

This much we know.

In fact, we also know the release date and the title of this memoir.

It will be called "The Secrets of My Life" and it will come out on April 25.

Caitlyn Jenner Cover Claim

According to various reliable sources, the biography will cover a lot of ground; from Jenner's Gold Medal-winning performance at the 1976 Summer Olympics to his decision to transition to a woman much later in life.

According to a far less reliable source, meanwhile, it will also cover his famous family.

In depth.

In possibly embarrassing, very revealing depth.

The latest cover of Life & Style (above) alleges that has been paid $10 million for what the tabloid describes as a "Kardashian Tell-All."

What kinds of stories will be told in the tome? Stories of CHEATING, COCAINE and BRAWLS, apparentlly.

Caitlyn Jenner in Los Angeles

In the related article, an anonymous source who we're sure totally exists and was definitely not made up by editors says:

"The Kardshians panic as pushed-aside Caitlyn Jenner gets even by spilling a ton of secrets in a new book."

Indeed, this memoir really "won't be about" Caitlyn herself, the cover story goes on to say, but will instead focus on the dirty laundry of Kris Jenner and company, airing it out for all to see.

"Caitlyn knows all about the skeletons in the closets and could dish about everything from cheating to drug use to bitter fights within the famous clan," the insider claims.

It does seem as if Caitlyn is not on the best terms with her loved ones these days.

Previous reports have said she was not invited to Kendall Jenner's birthday party and has not even seen Rob Kardashian's child yet.

We're not entirely sure what is going in between her and the other Jenners.

But does this mean Caitlyn is really going to "take no prisoners," as Life & Style alleges?

Will she really go into detail about Khloe’s paternity? Various plastic surgery secrets? The use of drugs? Elicit affairs?

These are all listed in the story.

Kim, Caitlyn and Michael Costello

Then, of course, there's Kanye West's strange behavior over the past two years.

In all honesty, there's A TON Caitlyn Jenner likely knows. We just don't see her selling her family members out like this.


"Caitlyn is still very much on the outs with the family,” the source says. “She rarely sees Kendall or Kylie, and Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Kris have all cut off contact with her.

"She has nothing to lose by revealing everything."

Would you buy a copy of Caitlyn's memoir if it really did expose these kinds of details?

Or would you think less of her for making family secrets private?

We may need to wait a few months to find out for certain if this report is accurate, but it's always fun to speculate!

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