Blac Chyna Post-Baby Body: Where's the Beef?!

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It's apparent that Blac Chyna is losing tons of weight post-baby ... and in her latest Snapchat video, it's never been more evident. 

In a series of -- ahem -- very something-provoking snaps (thought, perhaps?), Chyna flaunted her very obvious weight loss.

Blac Chyna Post Baby Body Photo

Soon-to-be hubs Rob Kardashian, who took the snaps, even captioned one of the pics, "Thanks mom." 

We're pretty sure we don't wanna know the story behind that, but that's okay. 

Moving onward and upward! 

Just kidding, but really, Rob was thanking somebody for their gingerbread house-building (or buying) prowess. 

That happens to be just in case, you know, you might've completely missed the fact that there's an actual gingerbread house in the photo. 

We missed it the first go 'round, too, it's all right. 

There were other things to examine in an uncomfortably close capacity. 

Blac Chyna Weight Loss Picture

In recent days -- all right; to be more accurate, about three weeks -- Blac Chyna lost 23 pounds since giving birth

That's, like, two babies' worth of fat, and Chyna blasted it away like it's nothing ... go figure. 

Recently, ol' BC revealed that it was good, old-fashioned diet, exercise, and breastfeeding that was shredding her figure, and not surgery. 

She shared pic in which she wore a skin-tight dress, and told haters to go pound sand. 

Chy wrote, "So I posted a picture of my belly yesterday and the only reason it got that flat, you guys, is from breastfeeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy." 

Right, that's what she said. 

Grateful for Blac Chyna

Continuing in that vein, Blac Chyna denied plastic surgery, and said, "Not surgery, guys." 

She added, "If you are pregnant right now, I would highly recommend breastfeeding and breast pumping because it'll get your weight back down fast."  

Priorities, priorities! 

There's a reality show waiting in the wings to be renewed for too many seasons, so it's obviously of paramount importance that Chyna one-ups the Kardashians and their lightning-speed post-baby slimdowns as quickly as she can. 

Looking good, Chyna, but let's keep our eye on the prize, shall we? 

In this case, it might be your, you know, newborn daughter ... Dream Renee Kardashian. 

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