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Taylor Swift dressed as Deadpool for Halloween this year.

But wait! Don’t go anywhere!

We know this doesn’t sound all that exciting, but scroll down before making up your mind. There was a fun twist to this costume…

Taylor Swift as Deadpool

The beloved singer didn’t merely rock the same sort of red and black mask and full suit as Ryan Reynolds did for his breakout movie last year.

Swift wore the ACTUAL DEADPOOL COSTUME donned by Reynolds in said movie for Halloween.

"Happy Halloween from Deadpool, a Cub Scout, Martha Brady, a space cadet, a granny with a lost cat, black swan, and a birthday girl dressed as a cat," Swift captioned the photo above.

But she then shared another picture from what appeared to be a very fun party, offering up some gratitude to her good pal Reynolds along the way.

“Thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume, you’re the BEST deadpool inside contact ever,” Swift wrote along with the following image of her and the famous mask.

Taylor Swift for Halloween

How did Blake Lively react to her husband and the father of her two kids letting another woman borrow his most famous outfit?

Very well, thank you!

"#HusbandUpgrade," the actress hilariously wrote in the Comments section of yet another picture Swift posted to Instagram from last night’s shindig.

Here it is:

Taylor Swift Halloween Party

Swift spent this fun holiday with Squad members Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Camila Cabello and Lily Donaldson in New York City to celebrate friend Kennedy Rayé’s birthday.

She’s been making herself available to the public more and more these days, following an extended hiatus due to a pretty crappy summer.

After getting called out by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and then splitting from Tom Hiddleston, Swift basically took a break from the spotlight.

But then she performed a bunch of songs in Austin last month.

She made us wonder if she and Drake are dating by attending his birthday party and getting introduced to his mom.

And she got all sexy and sultry on social media.

Of course, with two months now remaining in 2016 and with Swift being due to come out with her sixth studio album, most fans only have one question when it comes to the singer:

Will she do so?!?

Will she conclude the year on a high note, once again taking over every headline in the universe and reversing what has been a pretty down few months for the superstar?

Come on, Taylor, anxious followers are dying to know:

Is new music on the way or not?!?