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Just a few months ago, a mere Taylor Swift sighting would never have been considered to be a breaking piece of news.

The singer was pretty much everywhere, pretty much all the time.

But then she allegedly dumped Calvin Harris over the phone… and then took credit for one of his songs… and then supposedly set up a fake relationship with Tom Hiddleston… and then got called out as a liar by Kim Kardashian.

The past few rough months have forced Swift to basically go underground.

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift Party!

But she reappeared this week at a 30th birthday party thrown in Drake’s honor, with close friend Karlie Kloss sharing the above photo of her and Swift at the event.

"Happy belated @champagnepapi," Kloss captioned the snapshot, wishing a late birthday to Drake.

The 24-year-old supermodel and the beloved artist were just two of many guests at the rapper’s star-studded party, which took place at Delilah restaurant on Sunday night.

In the photo, Swift is showing off her toned back in a crop tube top, while Kloss coyly glances over her shoulder.

The party, of course, generated its own share of Taylor Swift-related headlines, with witnesses telling The New York Post that "were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing" during the shindig.

But… no way, right?

Just… no way Swift and Drake are dating, right?

"The only person [Drake] spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor," the source told the Page Six section of the aforementioned newspaper.

Oh, and speaking of Drake’s mother: she met Swift on the night of her son’s birthday party!

That HAS to mean Drake and Taylor are a romantic item, no?!?

Well, no.

Insiders say that Swift and Drake have been friends for awhile and Drake’s mom simply wanted to meet her son’s very famous pal.

That unfortunately sounds like all there is to this story, which is too bad.

Because, come on. Drake and Taylor Swift? Dating? Been seen around town and at awards ceremonies?!?

The world may stop spinning if these two ever were to get together. Maybe it’s not too late, however.

We can hope pray.

Drake’s soiree, meanwhile, featured plenty of potentially awkward circumstances, based on the guest list.

For example, Swift’s nemesis, Katy Perry, was also in attendance, as well as John Mayer, who both Perry and Swift dated.

We’ll update this post with photos of Swift and Perry together if they ever surface. (Editor’s Note: Don’t hold your breath.)