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Oh, those Sister Wives …

Those poor, pitiful Sister Wives with their never-ending woes and their near-constant drama.

Don’t you just love them?

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It’s not pretty, sure, and it’s definitely nothing to be proud of, but it’s an undeniable fact of life that the vast majority of people simply cannot look away from a trainwreck.

And it doesn’t get more trainwreck-y than this family.

OK, so Kody and Meri Brown, one of his four spouses, have been having issues in their marriage for a long time, right?

Even in the very first season of Sister Wives, they fought.

Meri Brown photo
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They fought because Meri couldn’t help but get jealous that her husband had two other wives and was getting a third.

Or because Kody desperately wanted to have more children with Meri but she couldn’t get pregnant and wasn’t interested in getting any medical assistance with her fertility.

As the seasons went on, things only got worse between them.

Not Merry Meri
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They actually ended up getting divorced, but only because, as Kody’s first wife, Meri was the only one legally married to him.

She divorced him so that he could marry Robyn and adopt the three children she had from a previous marriage.

They remained spiritually married, but soon after the divorce, Meri began talking to that infamous catfish of hers.

And that’s what really did it in for their relationship.

Kody and Meri
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It’s like the last nail in the coffin of their love, but it’s a big, long, rusty nail that’s being impossibly stubborn and just won’t get in there enough to just close the damn coffin.

On Sunday’s season 11 premiere, we got to see a whole lot of that sad, awkward tension between Kody and Meri.

Kody said to Meri, "You asked me to not be around you. You invited me away. You told me to go away."

And then later, in an interview, Kody revealed that "Meri asked me to stop staying at the house."

As you probably know, each of the four sister wives has their own house, and Kody sort of flits in and out of those houses on a schedule.

Serious Browns

In the past, Meri’s had an issue with how much time Kody spends at the other wives houses — since the other wives have so many children with Kody and Meri is the only one in her house, things haven’t always been exactly equal.

But for Meri to just tell him not to stay with her, that’s pretty huge.

The director asked Kody to elaborate on his situation with Meri, but he refused.

All he would say was that "I’m working very hard not to be hopeless."

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Which is admirable or whatever, but we have a bad feeling that Kody’s relationship with marriage has as much hope as we have that Kody will mature into a decent, respectable human being.

(None. We have none hope.)

After the episode aired, Kody hopped on Twitter to explain his decision to keep the details about his Meri marriage to himself.

"We are public and choose to share our lives," he explained. "However, some things should be kept private. Things saved for my mother or bff."

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Meri got on her own Twitter to talk about the argument she had with Kody, and how Kody refused to really talk to her without their therapist present.

"I actually think the convo was safe to begin with," she said.

"We can only respond to things the other says in the best & most honest way."

Yeah, so the official split is going to happen in the season finale, right? Please?