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Pilot Jones has broken his silence over Blac Chyna’s paternity questions, and as Radar Online put it, this is the interview that "will break Rob Kardashian’s heart." 

As if Rob Kardashian needed any more damn sadness in his life. 

Blac, Rob and Pilot Pics

In the interview, Jones admitted, "I met Blac Chyna a couple years ago, at a party that I was hosting." 

The two go even further back than ChyRo, it would seem, huh? 

About Rob, he said, "We never really talked about him." 

"He never really came up in conversation or anything, so I kind of found out like everyone else [that she was dating Rob]." 

Blac Chyna Poses

So not only is Chyna shady, she sounds like an opportunist, too – hopping on the Rob bandwagon and striking while the iron was hot. 

Jones claimed that he assumed that Chyna was in a relationship with Rob when he and Chyna would "go out" and "have fun," claiming that the two were friends. 

“She’s been a really really great friend. We’ve hung out. We had a lot of fun together.”

When asked about the purported makeout pics, he responded, "Who wouldn’t want to kiss Blac Chyna? She’s beautiful." 

Jones continued slyly, "A picture’s worth a thousand words."  

Rob, Chyna, Pilot Jones

Though Chyna publicly dragged him all over the internet, claiming that he was gross, and that he was gay, and that he, himself, was an opportunist, Jones had nothing but praise for Blac Chyna. 

"We’re still friends," he said. 

"She’ll always be my friend." 

"I just want the best for her," he smiled, yet reportedly requested a paternity test after he found out that she was pregnant. 

Friends, hmm. 

Pilot Jones Shirtless

Friends who reportedly sleep together and then have public feuds over Kardashian paternity testing

That sounds like some great friendship right there, huh? 

After Jones’ allegations went public, Chyna hit the internet in a fury. 

She said, "Ur a dirty ass Punk!!!"

"You can never join my roster BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ever the class-act, Chyna slammed Jones like there was no tomorrow. 

Blac Chyna Flipping Out GIF

Which she’s, you know, pretty good at. 

In further disturbing baby news, it was reported that Blac and Rob might be televising the birth of their child. 

It was reported that if the cameras were allowed to roll in the delivery room, ChyRo would make "hundreds of thousands of dollars." 

Just what they’ll need to fend off homophobic-instigated lawsuits. 

You see, everyone wins, really!