Personal Trainer Credits Sperm Smoothies For Insane Body

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In a world that's increasingly fitness- and diet-obsessed, people will try anything ... but this sexy personal trainer's method may surprise you.

Her unusual, all-natural source of protein?

Semen. With other organic ingredients.

Sperm Smoothie

Tracy Kiss, a 29-year-old trainer, author, model, blogger, TV personality and social influencer, swears by this unique, beneficial product.

The key to her flawless body, she says, is her daily “sperm smoothie,” which Tracy touts for a variety of health and wellness attributes.

We are not making this up. Don't even ask.

Her physical well-being, from the inside out, all starts with drinking a sperm smoothie every damn day, and whatever it is she's doing works.

Just look at the girl for crying out loud ...

Tracy Kiss Image

Beyond the visual evidence, Kiss is reportedly a vegan and a certified nutrition adviser, so she seems to know her stuff in this regard.

Tracy doesn't always drink it straight up (although she's not opposed); Kiss mixes it in with seeds, fruit and almond or coconut milk.

According to Kiss, sperm wards off illnesses like the flu, gives her tons of energy throughout her busy day and keeps her very, very happy.

"Sperm is an awesome product and we should stop being so ridiculous about it," she says, before answering the million-dollar question:

"I’m not there while it’s being made."

So how is it ... made? By whom?

Tracy Kiss Picture

"My friend just brings it round in a container, like a little takeaway tub, and I put it on my face," she says, begging so many more questions.

"There’s nothing seedy about it," she adds, pun not intended presumably, and Kiss also confronts the stigma that exists head on:

"I’ve tasted my own bodily fluids."

"In sexual terms, some people put their tongue up someone’s bum. In relationships, you put fingers in holes, you taste things."

"You don’t see it as cringe-worthy."

But, she says with appropriate levels of self-awareness, "when you take away the passion and say it’s scientific, people don’t like it." 

Tracy Kiss Body

Kiss doesn't just guzzle it down, either.

She reportedly advocates for the use of semen face masks - not like gritty, cheating, revenge porn masks, but more for the skin hydration.

With semen, you can fight conditions like rosacea, she says. What's not to love about staying healthy and happy from organic means?

Experts say you can achieve similar benefits by using egg yolks or other products, but we don't expect Tracy Kiss to switch over anytime soon.

Nor should she. See pics above.

One wonders if other super hot celebrity bodies (below) are achieved using similarly unconventional tactics, or whether they should be?

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