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As the results of last night’s presidential election is teaching is, the world is a lie and nothing makes sense.

Down is up, right is wrong, and a Kardashian may have just done something to avoid attention.

Rob and Chyna Photograph

It’s practically the end times over here.

And by "practically," we mean "definitely."

There’s a new theory going around that Blac Chyna has already given birth to her daughter with Rob Kardashian — or that she’s in the process of doing so right at this very minute.

We know what you’re thinking: "A Kardashian baby was born into this world with nary a tweet? IMPOSSIBLE."

Maybe. But maybe not.

Robby Kardashian

Yesterday, Rob posted and then immediately deleted a picture of a car seat in the back of his Bentley.

He captioned the photo "We ready," along with some waving emojis and a couple of heart-eyes.

And then, Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, posted and deleted a screen shot of a flight itinerary.

According to the photo, she arrived in L.A. yesterday just after noon — and she left a comment on the photo that said "My baby on her way."

Hmm …

Interestingly enough, Chyna herself posted a nude selfie of her pre-pregnancy body on Monday:

Blac Chyna pre-pregnancy nude

She captioned it "Soon." Because she was going into labor and knew she would, in fact, be working on her body soon?

It’s hard to say.

Another notable Instagram happening is that Rob posted this photo of Chyna last night, still looking super pregnant:

Blac Chyna big baby bump

So we’d have to wager that Chyna is still cooking that little baby up in her uterus.

Remember, her due date is November 16th, just a week away.

It definitely makes sense that Rob would already have installed the car seat, and Tokyo Toni might just be wanting to spend some extra time with her daughter before she gives birth.

It’s also true that women are more likely to go into labor earlier after they’ve already given birth once, so perhaps everybody’s just being extra cautious right now.

And come on … you know that Chyna wouldn’t be able to give birth without Snapchatting the hell out of it.

When it is time for the baby to come, expect to see some pics of the kid rocking that dog filter while still half inside Chyna.

Just be real with yourself about that.