Octomom and The Octuplets: Look at Them Now!

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The Octo-Kids are nearly Octo-Teenagers.


The eight children made famous by Nadya Suleman back when she gave birth to them all (AT ONCE!) in January of 2009 stopped by the set of The Doctors this week because their mother was on hand for an interview.

And it's pretty amazing to see how old they all look now.

Octomom and Octoplets

Which of the kids pictured here is Noah? Which is Jonah? Which is Jeremiah? Which is Josiah? Which is Isaiah? Which is Makai?

Which is Nariyah? Which is Maliya?

We're not sure.

But the kids turn eight years old in just a couple months. Yes, it's been eight years (and she had six kids prior to this, which may be even crazier).

As for why their mother is back on television?

To bury the past once and for all! No, hear her out:

Basically, "my history was haunting us,” Suleman says in her The Doctors feature, adding that her celebrity persona is retired.

“I left ‘Octomom.’ I went back to my life as a counselor."

"I went back and my kids had a healthy, happy life. The problem is, it’s followed us, because people never knew what I did."

"They never knew the true story."

The true story is that, yes, Suleman did porn and posed naked on many occasions back when her kids were young.

That much is public knowledge ... to us. The kids were largely shielded from what happened, but they can't be forever.

Nadya Suleman, Kids

We repeat, she has 14 of them (again, Suleman already had six children when IVF treatments prompted her to give birth to eight more).

And she's been criticized harshly for being on government assistance - which she qualifies for even if she makes a six figure income.

"I ended up selling myself out, Suleman admits in this new interview, explaining how she tried to pay for her family herself via X-rated activities.

Even as she attempts to reenter the public eye, Suleman is adamant that she honestly, seriously, wants to leave the spotlight behind.

No one hates the nickname Octomom more than she does, the former C- or D-list celebrity (depending on the year) claims, adding:

8 Babies!

"When [people] do come up and say, 'Hi, can I take a picture with you?' and 'Hi, are you Octomom?' I say, 'I no longer go by that anymore, but thank you so much.'

"I'm a mom and I don't do that anymore."

Suleman also worked as a stripper awhile back.

She has numerous regrets and is still doing everything she can to turn her life around - something she knows is a tall order.

"I'm still in the process of pulling my self worth out of the toilet."

"I flushed it down multiple times," she says of her past. "Like all human beings, we make mistakes and we learn, we grow, we change."

Dare we say it? Nadya Suleman sounds reasonable, mature and well-grounded these days. Miracles can happen apparently?

Suleman adds that she takes accountability for "being dumb and irresponsible and selfish" by having such a gigantic family.

She says she has no desire to "burden" tax payers by being on welfare and explains that she is working hard to support her 14 children.

She wants to be known as "Natalie" now and she also wants to make it clear: her kids are doing fantastic as human beings.

That's an important point of pride for Suleman.

Octomom Bangs

"I own and take responsibility for my poor choices, but it doesn't take away from how extraordinary these kids turned out to be," she says.

And, in the end, that's almost all that matters.

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