Nadya Suleman: I Hate Octomom! I Sold My Body!

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Nadya Suleman bares all in a new interview with The Doctors.

No, not in the way that Nadya Suleman bared all in the past.

There is not a new batch of Nadya Suleman nude photos coming your way below, we promise.

Octomom on The Doctors

But the viral sensation formerly known as "Octomom" did appear as a guest on The Doctors this week, opening up like never before about her past life.

For example: she'd really prefer if we did NOT refer to her as "Octomom."

Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever again.

"I never set out to become an ‘octomom,'” the 41-year old says in a clip from The Doctors that was first published by People Magazine.

“I’ve always wanted a big family – not this big!"

In 2009, of course, Suleman gave birth to octuplets via IVF after Dr. Michael Kamrava injected her with 12 embryos.

She went on to garner Internet fame because... well... because she gave birth to eight babies at once.

Many people were disgusted by this notion and then grew even more disgusted because Suleman cost them money by relying on government assistance to pay for her giant brood.

8 Babies!

This, she says, is what caused her to eventually pose naked: Suleman needed to pay her bills.

"Rather than go get more public assistance, which I already felt ashamed of, I ended up selling myself out,” she admits in this interview.

“At the time, it was like an investment so that I could support my family. I believe the judgment I experienced was warranted because what were people supposed to believe?

"All they were being fed by the media was negativity."

Suleman starred in porn, took part in bikini photo shoots and took her clothes off in front of the camera at various times, all so her 14 kids would not go hungry.

(Yes, 14 kids. At the time she gave birth to eight babies, she was already the single mother of six children.)

Suleman - who now goes by the first name "Natalie" - previously confessed that she embraced the "Octomom" persona because it at least put cash in her pocket.

Now, however?

"There’s nobody, possibly, who could have hated ‘Octomom’ more than I," she says.

Nadya Suleman in 2016

So why is Suleman back in the spotlight now?

When her entire point seems to be that she regrets having been so public with her name and her body back in 2010 and 2011?

“My history was haunting us,” she says. “I left ‘Octomom.’ I went back to my life as a counselor. I went back and my kids had a healthy, happy life. The problem is it’s followed us, because people never knew what I did. They never knew the true story."

Yes, in the end, Suleman regrets a lot.

She wishes she had made some different choices back in the day.

But she can take solace in one very important fact. Which is this:

"I own and take responsibility for my poor choices, but it’s certainly doesn’t take away from how extraordinary these kids ended up turning out to be."

Now, if only she could somehow delete the photos above from the Internet archives and our collective memory, all will be forgiven.

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