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WARNING: High drama to come.

Proceed at your own risk.

TLC has released the first trailer for the new season of Sister Wives, which kicks off on Sunday, November 27 and which features a family that is struggling merely to stay together.

Sister Wives Season 7 Trailer: So. Much. Drama!

New episodes this fall and winter will focus on Kody Brown and his quartet of better halves (Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn) trying to heal as a unit after everything that went down last season.

Specifically, there was that whole catfishing incident involving Meri Brown, who was discovered last October to be the victim of a very mean online scam.

Making matters worse and extremely awkward for all involved?

Meri told the person she was communicating via the Internet that she loved him. Ouch.

Meri Brown: Sister Wives Star Geting Emotional

This unsettling revelation ultimately produced numerous strains in Meri’s relationship with Kody and with the couple’s daughter, 21-year old Mariah.

It’s pretty clear, based on the trailer below, that daughter has not yet forgiven her mother or her father for everything that happened.

“I am not doubting that I was somewhat a catalyst” in the scandal,” Kody tells Mariah in this sneak peek.

However, Kody later tells the camera that the intimate conversation with his daughter was “a mistake to be filmed.”

One could probably make that statement about the entire series.

Meri Brown photo

“I feel like I am just doing my life by myself,” says Meri in this preview, although we can confirm that a bulk of Season 7 will focus on her and Kody trying to salvage their 26-year marriage.

The upcoming season will also chronicle Christine’s daughter Mykelti, who gets engaged to Antonio Padron and just five months of dating.

The Browns don’t exactly approve of this romantic match, with Christine voicing her concern as follows:

“Mykelti is so different when [Antonio’s] around. She’s quiet, and she’s reserved.”

Wedding bells will also chime, meanwhile, for Janelle’s daughter, Madison, who has agreed to marry boyfriend Caleb Brush.

Kody Brown on TLC

“My goal is to keep our family together,” Kody says at one point in the teaser above, clearly aware of the many issues he and his wives are facing.

“My goal is to work these things out.”

But will he be able to succeed?

Or will those who watch Sister Wives online or on television each week simply be tuning in to see a family disintegrate right before their eyes?

Over the past few months, one tabloid cover after another has hyped the series problems that are plaguing Kody and his wives.

The latter group is walking out, one report claims…

Sister Wives Trouble??

… they are being replaced by two new wives, another alleges:

Kody Brown Cover

We aren’t sure what to believe. And we aren’t sure why we should care, either.

Sister Wives returns to TLC on Sunday, November 27, at 8/7c with the first of many consecutive two-hour episodes.

Oh, yes, two hours. You didn’t think the story of Kody Brown and his controversial, scandal-filled brood could be told in jus 60 minutes every Sunday, did you?

Are you rooting for Kody and company to make it?

Or do you hope Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn finally break free from the confines of this unhealthy, sexist, unusual and potentially dangerous arrangement?