Kathy Griffin: Jon Hamm is a Drunk Douche Bag!

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Well, here's a feud we never would have seen coming.

For seven seasons, Jon Hamm memorably portrayed the world-beating alcoholic womanizer Don Draper on Mad Men.

Now, if a new memoir from comedian Kathy Griffin is to be believed, it seems Hamm spent plenty of time researching the part during his own rise to the top.

Jon Hamm at the 2015 Emmys

In the book, Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, Griffin recalls a difficult encounter with a drunk-ass Hamm at a dinner party attended by such A-list luminaries as Jack Nicholson.

It seems Hamm had recently broken up with Jennifer Westfeldt and proceeded to "celebrate" his return to the single life by getting absolutely sh-tfaced and heaping verbal abuse on poor Kathy.

Griffin says that Hamm went straight from a day on set at Mad Men to the evening soiree thrown by talent agent Sue Menger, and he wasted no time playing catch up and then exceeding everyone else's beverage intake by a considerable margin.

“He proceeded to get very drunk during the coffee table portion, and then when it came for dinner, Sue had sat him next to me,” Griffin writes.

Drunk Don Draper GIF

Griffin says she tried to carry on a conversation with Nicholson, but that Hamm continually interrupted with his “boozy yammering.”

According to Griffin, Hamm didn't take her attempts to ignore him very well and he eventually resorted to berating her for his own amusement:

“First it was, ‘You know your Emmy isn’t a real Emmy,'” Griffin claims.

“I let that one go, but then he whispered, ‘You’re so o-o-o-old.'”

Jon Hamm Mad Men Premiere

Griffin insists that wasn't so much Hamm's "cruel comments" that got her goat so much as it was his "horrible timing" in interrupting her conversation with Nicholson.

“You can’t keep up. You’re outclassed," she reportedly snapped back.

"Now zip it; Jack’s talking!”

Hamm checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse last year, and he reportedly hasn't touched a drop since, so we imagine being publicly reminded of (what we hope is) his very worst behavior is especially painful.

Crying Don Draper GIF

That said, you run a big risk when you try to match wits with someone as sharp-tongued as Kathy (especially when you're half in the bag at the time).

The comedian has a reputation for speaking truth to power, and it seems she's pulling no punches in her description of Hamm.

“He’s one of these hot guys who’s mildly funny but actually thinks he’s comedian level funny,” she writes.

Jon Hamm: 2015 American Museum of Natural History Gala

“You know the type — there’s probably one in your office or family. He just reeks of that. It’s an entitled air. When Hammy wants to be funny, he’s, well, not.”


Hey, at least he'll always have his giant dong.

That'll get him through.

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