Jon Hamm & Jennifer Westfeldt: Why Did They Split?

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Earlier this week, we reported that Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt broke up after 18 years of explaining to family and friends why they totally don't even need to be married.

Yes, despite almost two decades together, Hamm and Westfeldt never made it official and in the wake of their split, many media outlets have speculated that Westfeldt walked because she was sick of Hamm's refusal to commit.

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Basically, the whole thing has been portrayed as a rom-com plot that dragged on for 18 years, rather than 90 minutes.

Probably made-up insiders claimed that Wesltfeldt supported Hamm through rehab and seven seasons of delving into the dark, drunk soul of Don Draper with the expectation that when it was all over, he'd put a ring on it because #LadiesAmIRite?

Now, however, Us Weekly is reporting that it was actually Hamm who wanted to settle down and start a family, and Westfeldt who wanted to continue her life of four-martini lunches and plowing secretaries on the boardroom conference table.

We may have made that last part up. Anyway:

“There’s always been a rift,” a source tells Us. “Because he wanted kids and she didn’t.”

Cue the record-scratching and "Whuh?!" sound effects.

Yes, Hamm reportedly to get married and have kids, and Westfeldt wanted none of it.

It totally turns gender stereotypes on their head, like that time Peggy Olson cheated on her boyfriend by giving some random guy a handy in a movie theater.

Sigh. We miss Mad Men. Oh, also, it's a total bummer that Jon and Jennifer broke up. Basically, summer is over and there's no reason to go on living. Now, about those four-martini lunches...

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