French Montana and Iggy Azalea Accused of Animal Cruelty: Find Out Why!

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Yes, French Montana and Iggy Azalea are dating.

They have rebounded from Khloe Kardashian and Nick Young, respectively, by finding comfort in one another.

But it was the joy these stars found this week with a pair of elephants that have gotten them in serious trouble across the Internet.

Allow us to explain...

French Montana and an Elephant

In honor of Montana turning 32 years old this week, the rapper did what anyone turning 32 years old would do:

He had an elephant delivered to his backyard so that he could pose alongside the animal and also pose the animal alongside the fake elephant that is constantly featured on his property.

"I love animals more than people!!" Montana wrote as a caption to the above image. "Happy b-day to me. Positive vibes at the Casa."

Regarding the similar pose and picture below, the artist added:

"Turn your life to a life time vacation. Grinded all day so I can ball tomorrow. B-day officially here all praise due to the most high. #freemaxb #foreverchinx."

French Montana: Cruel to Animals?

Okay, sure. Cool. Whatever. #freemaxb #foreverchinx, absolutely.

Azalea also got in on the elephant act, looking amazed and curious when it came to the animal's impressive trunk:

Iggy Azalea, Elephant

But many critics on the Internet weren't remotely amazed by these actions and by the overall decision to drag an elephant into Montana's birthday celebration.

One user summed up the problem very well.

"French, if you love them, you wouldn't take part in this kind of attraction," this Instagram followers wrote, explaining:

"They torture the elephants from a young age to discipline them into performing and performing tricks on command. Please don't support this!"

A multitude of Azalea's fans also lashed out at the "Fancy" musician, writing for instance:

"Elephants don't deserve abuse! Elephants shouldn't be hired out for a party!" 

There's even talk in some circles of a boycott to prove to these artists that they crossed a line of decency:

french tweets

Montana took these comments in stride, considered them and reacted in a fair and understanding manner.

No, wait. Sorry. We meant to write the exact opposite of those words.

"Shut yo ass up," French Tweeted to his critics. "That elephant was a surprise for my b-day in my yard when I walked out, and was from the zoo and people that take care of it."

This is the same person who once posed with a machine gun and a bottle of champagne.

So we're not exactly shocked by his response here.

What do you think of this controversy? Should it be one? Did French and Iggy do anything wrong?

Or is this much ado over nearly nothing?

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