Farrah Abraham FLIPS on Parents, Remains Awful

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Farrah Abraham is one of the most objectively awful human beings to ever be featured in a reality TV series.

You see, most reality villains are only one kind of terrible, whereas Farrah reserves a special kind of awful treatment for each member of her inner circle.

It's hard to imagine where she finds the time for the sort of personalized sadism usually only found in serial killers and cartoon bad guys, but Farrah seems to have boundless energy when it comes to terrorizing her loved ones.

The clip above is from the upcoming episode of Teen Mom: OG.

In it, we learn that the newest location Farrah's frozen yogurt franchise is finally ready to open.

It's tough to keep track of Farrah's many business ventures, which range from an online furniture store to vibrating molds of her own b-hole.

But if it helps, you can remember the froyo chain for the time its website was hacked, and images from Farrah's porn career were posted on its homepage.

Sucks when different parts of your professional like collide like that, ya know?

Farrah Abraham: Blonde on Facebook

Anyway, Farrah's parents are helping her with get ready for her grand opening with helpful tips like "the freezer should be colder than the refrigerator."

Naturally, Farrah responds by mercilessly berating them until they finally reach their breaking point.

Farrah's dad is a grown-ass man who's willing to dress up as something called "Froco Coba" in order to make his daughter happy.

Her mom remains mildly psychotic in her own right, but displays an impressive amount of patience in this clip.

Farrah Abraham White Dress Peace Sign Pic

Farrah, however, is the Guantanamo Bay of human beings, and she will figure out what makes you tick and use that knowledge to break your mind.

Eventually, her parents get fed up to the point that her dad storms off huffing, "Get off my ass!"

Sadly, he was probably back minutes later suiting up for ten hours of baking in the summer heat in full Froco Coba regalia.

Fun fact: Rumor has it Farrah's dad likes to anonymously defend his daughter whenever she's portrayed negatively online (as though there's any other way to portray her).

So if someone pops up in the comments with a vehement pro-Farrah agenda, be sure to say hi to Michael Abraham!

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